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social influence-obedience
What is obedience,
What is the opposite of obedience,
Why is it important to study obed...
76  cards
social influence-conformity
What is conformity,
Why do people change their attitu...,
How is conformity beneficial
69  cards
social influence-minority influence and social change
What is consistency,
What is commitment,
What is the augmentation principle
29  cards
social influence-resistance
What is resistance to social infl...,
What are the 2 explanations of re...,
How does understanding why people...
23  cards
memory-multistore memory model
What is memory,
What is capacity,
What is duration
33  cards
Memory-working Memory Model
What is the central executive,
What is the phonological loop,
What are the two sub systems of t...
26  cards
memory-long term memory
What is episodic memory,
What type of memories are episodic,
Where is episodic memories located
22  cards
memory-explanations of forgetting
What is proactive interference,
Give two examples of proactive in...,
What is retroactive interference
49  cards
memory-Eyewitness testimonies
Evaluate palmer and lofter research,
What are the 3 factors affecting ...,
What is a leading question
31  cards
memory-the cognitive interview
What did gieselman and fisher say,
What are the 4 main techniques used,
What is context reinstatement
32  cards
approaches-origins of psychology
What was wundt considered the fat...,
Where did he set up the first lab...,
What was wundts approach known as
18  cards
approaches-psychodynamic approach
What is the driving force behind ...,
How can we resolve problematic or...,
What is pivotal in making us the ...
65  cards
learning approach-social learning theory
What does the social learning the...,
How does the slt state behavior i...,
For learning to take place what w...
28  cards
learning approach-the behaviourist approach
What is an unconditioned stimulus,
What is an uncondtioned response,
What is a neutral stimulus
40  cards
approaches-the humanistic approach
How does this approach believe we...,
What does this approach stress ab...,
Is this approach idiographic or n...
33  cards
Approaches-cognitive approach
What does the cognitive approach ...,
How does the mind process informa...,
What can humans be seen as
30  cards
approaches-the biological apporach
What is all behaviour affected by,
How does behaviour come about and...,
What structures in the body influ...
40  cards
attatchment-booklet 1
What is attatchment,
What does attachment develop as a...,
What is infancy
41  cards
attachment booklet 2
What was the procedure of lorenz ...,
What was the finding of lorenz study,
When did lorenz determine the cri...
40  cards
attatchment-booklet 3
What was the aim of ainsworth and...,
What was the procedure of ainswor...,
Which behaviours were recorded
42  cards
attachment booklet 4
What is deprivation,
What is maternal deprivation,
Why will the child develop a poor...
46  cards
research methods-experimental methods
What is a theory,
What is an aim,
What is a hypothesis
89  cards
Research Methods-non-experimental Techniques
What is a case study,
Where are case studies usually ca...,
What do case studies involve the ...
103  cards
research methods-ethics
What are ethics,
When are ethical issues present,
Who sets out the guidelines the c...
16  cards
Research methods-scientific processes
Diagram of the scientific method,
What are the features of a science,
What is objectivity
55  cards
research methods-inferential statistics
What are inferential statistics,
If the result is significant whic...,
If a result is non significant wh...
14  cards
research methods-data handling and analysis
What is nominal data,
Is nominal data discrete or conti...,
What measure of central tendency ...
47  cards
Biopsychology-booklet 1 bodily systems
What is the 2 main functions of t...,
What is the nervous system divide...,
What does the cns consist of
62  cards
biopsychology-ways of studying the brain
What is temporal resolution,
What is spatial resolution,
What is a post mortem examination
41  cards
biopsychology-Brain functioning
What is the localisation of function,
What are neuroscientists now tryi...,
38  cards
psychopathology-definitions of abnormality
What is psychopathology,
What is a mental disorder,
How do you diagnose mental disorders
19  cards
What are phobias characterised by,
What are the 3 types of phobia,
What is social phobia
34  cards
Biopsychology-biological rhythms
What is a circadian rhytms,
Give 2 examples of circadian rhyt...,
Describe out core body temperature
32  cards
What is depression,
What are the two emotional sympto...,
What are the two cognitive sympto...
27  cards
What 3 symptoms is ocd characteri...,
What are obsessions,
What are compulsions
32  cards
schizophrenia 1-classification and diagnosis of Sz
What is sz,
What are positive symptoms,
What are 2 p
30  cards
explanations for Sz
What are the 3 biological explana...,
What does genetics suggest,
What is some supporting evidence ...
32  cards
treatments for Sz
What is a typical antipsychotic,
What is an example of a typical a...,
What is an atypical antipsychotic
25  cards
relationships-evolutionary explanations
What does the evolutionary explan...,
What is anisogamy,
What can anisogamy be used to exp...
19  cards
relationships-factors affecting romantic attraction
What are the 3 factors affecting ...,
What is self disclosure,
What are 2 pieces of supporting e...
24  cards
relationships-theory of romantic relationships
What is social exchange theory,
How do we access how profitable o...,
What is cl comparison level
31  cards
relationships-virtual relationships
Describe self disclosure in virtu...,
Elaborate on reduced cues theory ...,
What are 2 positives of self disc...
24  cards
forensic psychology-offending behaviour
What is the top down approach,
What is the top down approach oft...,
How did the top down approach org...
26  cards
forensic psychology-biological explanations of offending behaviour
Describe the historic approach at...,
What physical charcateristics did...,
What did lombroso see criminality...
25  cards
forensic psychology-psychological explanations for offending
What are 3 psychological factors ...,
How does extraversion lead to cri...,
How does neuroticism lead to crim...
41  cards
forensic psychology-dealing with offending behaviour
What are the 4 aims of custodial ...,
What is deterrence,
What is incapacitation
40  cards
issues and debates
What is gender bias in psychology,
What is universality in psychology,
Why has gender bias occcured in p...
64  cards

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