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What is acute inflammation,
What are the 2 causes of inflamma...,
What is a pyogenic bacteria
48  cards
What are the 3 parts of the tradi...,
What are the 5 major components o...,
What are the 2 parts to the adapt...
96  cards
Chronic inflammation
What are the 3 purposes of inflam...,
Although inflammation has a purpo...,
What are the 3 kind of cells that...
99  cards
What is meant by an akaryote,
What percentage of cells within t...,
What is the difference between hu...
94  cards
Microbiology 2
In terms of normal nasopharyngeal...,
What 2 bacteria make up vaginal f...,
What 3 bacteria make up vaginal f...
63  cards
Atheroma, embolism
What is meant by atherosclerosis,
What in general are the common si...,
Name 5 vessels commonly affected ...
33  cards
Infarction, Shock
What is meant by hypoxia and what...,
What is meant by ischaemia,
What is the most common cause of ...
62  cards
Electrolyte Homeostasis
What do u es measure 6,
Abnormal electrolytes can be the ...,
Why are controlled electrolyte le...
80  cards
Acid-Base Homeostasis
What is the total co2 produced in...,
Name 6 buffering systems in the body,
What is the reference range for b...
41  cards
Inborn errors of metabolism
How many live births are affected...,
Inborn errors of metabolism are c...,
Why in inborn errors of metabolis...
38  cards
Cellular adaptation
What is cellular adaptation,
Are cellular adaptations usually ...,
Give the 5 things that can alter ...
74  cards
Characteristics of Tumours
Define neoplasm,
Define histogenesis,
Tumours arising from epithelial c...
52  cards
Causes of cancer
What are the 5 ways of identifyin...,
What are the categories of carcin...,
Aflatoxin targets what tissue
53  cards
Tumour classification
What is the role of surface epith...,
What is the role of glandular epi...,
What is the name for a benign tum...
59  cards
Behaviour of tumours
What is the difference between in...,
How many cancer patients are kill...,
What proportion of breast cancer ...
48  cards
Molecular hallmarks of cancer cells
What 2 key events are needed for ...,
What are caretaker genes,
What role do caretaker genes play...
57  cards

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