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The best NCLEX exam review

The NCLEX is a monster of an exam that tests a seemingly insurmountable mountain of knowledge. In fact, the tremor caused by you dropping your six-pound textbook onto your desk is like the scene where the T-Rex approaches in Jurassic Park.

But you’re here, reading this, which means that you’ve found the “secret sauce” to organizing and managing all of that crucial nursing content so that you can learn it TWICE as efficiently as any other study method. This is an excellent start, so well done!

Within the sweeping coffers of Brainscape’s Knowledge Genome you’ll find a treasure trove of flashcards made by other students like you (and top-performing students at that!) as well as by Brainscape’s expert panel of NCLEX tutors, who have dedicated their lives to helping nursing students jump this final hurdle in the path of becoming licensed, practicing nurses.

The ultimate learning tool for the NCLEX

Brainscape’s NCLEX-RN exam prep has over 3,100 flashcards covering the most important concepts you need to pass the exam, the first time around. We also have a comprehensive collection of 2,900+ certified flashcards for NCLEX-PN.

Both certified classes were developed by Justine Buick, "The NCLEX Tutor", an experienced Registered Nurse and owner of KoaPine Tutoring & Test Prep. For years, Justine has worked with nursing students of all levels, helping them to prepare for the NCLEX-RN and PN exams. 

Through her work (and personal experience passing the exam herself), she recognized how tough it is to retain the huge volume of nursing content tested by the NCLEX. But in Brainscape—the world’s smartest flashcard app—Justine found the perfect study tool to make the job much faster and easier for nursing students everywhere.

And now, today, these two flashcard collections are the most powerful adjunctive study tool to use alongside your prep course textbooks and materials to ace either NCLEX test!

How to study for the NCLEX

As a part of our dedication to helping all students pass the NCLEX, we’ve also assembled an impressive library of totally free study guides on how to learn more efficiently and cope with the stresses of nursing school. Need help tackling the staggering volume of medications you need to know? Or taking on the dreaded SATA question section? Or how about finding and practicing test questions?

Whatever your question, you’ll very likely find the answer in Brainscape’s Nursing Academy.

Additionally, you can head on over to Brainscape’s YouTube channel for Nursing & Healthcare Professionals, where you’ll discover tons of awesome video content and interviews with experienced nursing professionals on the various challenges associated with getting started at nursing school, passing the NCLEX, and throwing yourself into the job market.

Both resources are totally free and there to help answer your questions and guide you to rise to the challenge of the NCLEX!