Your Starting Point for a Career in Nursing.

If there’s anything that recent global pandemics have taught us, it’s the extraordinary value nurses offer society. So we are happy to see you here with your own ambitions to become an essential, frontline worker! Brainscape's team of experienced nursing educators has gathered together our very best advice, study hacks, and tips to help you on your journey.

Prepare for nursing school.

A crucial part of launching a successful nursing career of course starts with attending the right nursing school for you. Brainscape has put together a short guide on finding a good nursing school and helping you determine if the nursing school you attend even matters in the first place. (After all, your NCLEX scores and personal network might have even more of an impact.)

Brainscape also has your back once you get into nursing school and begin to navigate its unique challenges. We help you keep your studies hyper focussed and on track by helping you develop the #1 habit to succeed in nursing school.

And of course, once you're ready to tackle the big certification exam, Brainscape has the resources you need to find the right NCLEX review course. Speaking of which . . . .

Ace the NCLEX nursing exam.

As you likely know, the National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX, is the gateway examination to a successful career in nursing for both practical and registered nurses. But with a hefty study guide that could break your foot if accidentally dropped on it, the key is to study for the NCLEX efficiently and make every minute of study pay off!

[Spoiler: Among other key tips, the above guide recommends that you use Brainscape's adaptive mobile NCLEX flashcards as a central resource along with your book(s) and course.]

Brainscape has also consulted with our top nursing experts and have curated a smorgasbord of hacks for topics such as studying medications for the NCLEX and taking on the notoriously tricky "select all that apply" or SATA questions. These study tips and tricks alone could save you hours of studying and even mean the difference between passing and failing.

And finally, when you're ready to start preparing for the exam, NCLEX practice questions are essential to knowing what to expect and how to tackle the exam; just, be wary, as there are a lot of questionable resources out there.

Regardless of the tools you use to get through nursing school and your exams, we applaud your ambitions to become a nurse and wish you the very best on your noble journey!