As an avid lover of la langue française, we are huge fans of all sources of French content and material. Brainscape’s top rated web and mobile French app has helped hundreds of thousands of learners improve their French—it's designed using cognitive science to teach a language in the most efficient way possible.

But to really learn the language, you can't just use a French language app. You need to engage with the language using authentic French content and text.

That was why we jumped on the opportunity to review the massive body of popular Learn French YouTube channels. YouTube is a huge resource for learning about many different things, including languages.

Here it is: our list of top 8 YouTube channels to learn French (you can also check out our list of the top Spanish YouTube channels).

Learn French YouTube channels for beginners

1. Learn French with Vincent

With 824,000 subscribers, this channel has a ton of videos. They’re all on different things, quizzes, vocabulary, grammar, but some of them are ridiculous. This channel is great if you're looking for a lesson on a particular aspect of the French language and for those at the beginner level.

2. Learn French:

Frenchpod101 has a variety of short videos, each focusing on different vocabulary words, common phrases, French culture, and so on. Some are simply lists of words, while others are followed by a short quiz on the lesson. These videos feature French native speakers, so the accents are great. They also have an entire website that has more resources.

While these videos are great for real beginners, much of the videos are actually in English, so it's not great for those who are looking to hear people simply speak in French.

3. Learn French with Pascal

This is another great channel for beginners. Pascal breaks down various grammar concepts and vocabulary and explains these in a clear, engaging manner. These videos are best for people that like having grammar explained to them using powerpoint slides. We like the huge range of topics that he has.

Again, these videos are mostly in English; if you're looking to listen to French, this isn't the channel for you.

4. Coffee Break Languages French

On this channel, CoffeeBreak French, the user learns with Mark and a number of other teachers. In some of the videos, there is a focus on learning grammar (in English). However, in others, they bring in a variety of native French speakers to give you a set of authentic texts on simple topics. It's great for beginners to develop their listening skills and basic vocabulary.

The best YouTube channels for intermediate French learners

5. Easy French

We love the concept of Easy French: go out and speak with native French speakers. They ask simple questions that are easy to follow for people at an intermediate level. The majority is easy-to-follow conversation, but it's entirely in French, so you really get good listening practice.

6. Inner French

Inner French is our favourite podcast aimed at intermediate learners. The host, Hugo, mixes up the video topics to include interesting aspects of French culture, education, food, and even reading French literature. While there are some videos explaining French vocabulary or Grammar, the majority are simply interesting topics, spoken in clear, slightly slower French.

As people who are constantly thinking about the cognitive science of learning a language, we love that he even has a video on Stephen Krashen's input hypothesis.

The best YouTube channels to learn French for advanced learners

7. Radio France Internationale

Radio France Internationale, or RFI, is a wonderful resource for those learning French. Their website has great resources for people at a beginner or intermediate level, but their YouTube channel is probably best suited to more advanced learners. You'll find short, interesting videos about current events from around the world.

8. Documentaires HD France

Documentaires HD France is a great channel for those people interested in finding documentaries in French. They're free and high-quality. You can find documentaries on anything from haunted houses to tornados to dinosaurs.

Learn French on YouTube to complement your App

These Learn French YouTube channels are wonderful sources of listening and instructional content that you can use to supplement your favorite French app or study plan. Authentic content like this is essential when trying to learn French from an app or from a tutor.

We're confident that Brainscape's structured French flashcard curriculum is the world's best app for learning French. We've used it to learn French ourselves, so we know online applications can be effective language instruction tools. But to really get fluent in French, you've got to go beyond a language app. You've got to complement it with genuine French content.

Listening is one of the critical skills you need to be fluent in French. YouTube is one the best resources for you to use your listening skills without packing up your luggage and getting on a plane. The above French YouTube channels will help give you the listening practice you need so that you can get by while on a bike tour of the Loire valley or at a sea-side restaurant in Nice.

Check out our comprehensive guide for more great insight on how to learn French more efficiently and ways to practice your reading, speaking, and writing as well.

Bon courage!