To properly learn the language of love, you're going to need to pair deliberate study of vocabulary and grammar together with real-world scenarios and authentic texts. We've written about this in our complete guide to how to learn French on your own.

And as you may know, Brainscape has designed a comprehensive adaptive flashcards system to help you Learn French fast and master the vocabulary and grammar. The curriculum is developed based on the cognitive science principles of how we learn a language.

So . . . . to help tie Brainscape's awesome adaptive flashcards with some great real-world practice, we are proud to introduce a series of video skits that were specifically aligned to our French curriculum.

These videos are designed to go alongside the curriculum in our Level 1 French program. They start with just the listening and then add subtitles in the second half for you to check your comprehension.

If you’re studying French, we recommend watching this video before working through Lesson 1 of French. Then, come back after the lesson and watch the video to see if your comprehension has improved.

We hope you enjoy the graphics (developed by interns!) and the old Brainscape logo on the intro screen. And more importantly, we hope these help you put your new French learnings to work.


French practice video: lesson 1

French practice video: lesson 2

French practice video: lesson 3

French practice video: lesson 4

French practice video: lesson 5

French practice video: lesson 6

Other resources to help you learn French

We hope these French practice videos help you as you're starting your French journey with Brainscape's Learn French flashcards! Remember that Brainscape's web & mobile learning platform helps DOUBLE your language learning speed.

Looking for more resources? Check out our huge guide to learning French more efficiently. It's full of online resources to help you design a French learning program for yourself that works and that'll get you chatting with native French speakers in no time.