Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had a personal bar prep assistant who followed you around, testing your knowledge by asking questions like “What are the elements needed to establish a prima facie case for strict liability?” or “What is a 12(b)(6) motion and what is the deadline for filing?”

Okay, so something like this could only be awesome for a law student or graduate preparing to take on the bar … but that’s you! So, it would be awesome, right?

Well, guess what? There is such a personal assistant and it’s the best podcast for law students to listen to as they prepare to take on the bar exam: Brainscape’s hands-free MBE prep. And you can listen to this valuable series of bar prep episodes wherever you listen to podcasts or listen/watch as a series of videos on our Law YouTube Channel.

By the way: prepare to get addicted! Almost all of our viewers have said that once they watched one, they consumed them all. (And if this is what the top students are doing with their spare time, should you be too?)

So, how does our bar prep podcast work?

Brainscape's bar exam prep podcast playlist on YouTube
Brainscape's bar exam prep podcast playlist on YouTube

Each episode is a 20-30 minutes long and contains dozens of questions—narrated by Brainscape’s law partner, Grace Bowden—pertaining to a specific area of the law. For example, ‘Torts" covers the following four topic areas:

  1. Intentional torts
  2. Negligence
  3. Strict liability & products liability
  4. Other torts

Each topic area contains 10 questions so in this particular video/podcast, there are 40 questions in total. Here's an example of three questions from "Strict liability & products liability":

  1. Strict liability is only imposed in which 3 scenarios?
  2. What type of duty does a defendant have in strict liability situations?
  3. What are the elements needed to establish a prima facie case for strict liability?

All of these questions exercise your brain on the most important background knowledge required for ‘Torts: Strict Liability’, which is critical to answering the more detailed questions you’ll see on the bar exam.

Brainscape's Bar Exam Podcast

After each question, there is a pause for you to answer—whether out loud or in your head—before Grace gives the correct answer. You can even pause the video or podcast to give yourself more time to think it through and answer in greater detail.

Whichever way you go about it, Brainscape’s hands-free MBE prep is 100% free and available to start using immediately, regardless of where you’re at in law school or your bar prep.

So, whether you’re cooking, on the treadmill, driving to your parents, en route to college, or turning to a prune in the bath, use this tool to get quality studying done and massively accelerate your mastery of the law. It’s what the top students do and we know this because they’ve used our tools to smash through the bar and rise to the challenge of a career in law!

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