You can't help but groan as you scan the list of content that will be on your next college exam. How can one person possibly learn all of that effectively? Well, Brainscape knows how. With adaptive flashcards!

You heard right. Flashcards aren't just for highschoolers or students who seem to have way too much time to prepare for studying. They are a heavily underrated tool to learn material twice as quickly and improve your long-term memory. Don't just trust us, cognitive science says flashcards are superior too.

As you may know, Brainscape is the most effective web & mobile flashcard app on the market. Our mission is to help you on your journey to become a more efficient learner. And it just so happens that millions of college students have already used Brainscape to make flashcards for just about every subject in school.

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Brainscape has a ton of college flashcards to choose from.

In our marketplace, you can typically find two different types of flashcards:

  1. Many of the subjects were created by our expert test-prep partners, using a comprehensive set of resources to ensure that each set of flashcards is as complete as possible for your study purposes.
  2. Other subjects represent a collection of the best student and professor-created flashcards from top universities.

We’ve continually refined this content over the years to keep everything as up-to-date and effective as possible. And as always, these Brainscape college flashcards are proven to boost test scores and shave time off your studies.

(If you're already using Brainscape, you can find all of these subjects on the Brainscape Market by tapping the “+” icon on your dashboard, and browsing to your heart’s content.)

See below for some of our top university-level flashcard categories!

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You can search through Brainscape's flashcard market to find college flashcards that will help you ace your exams.

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Social Sciences Flashcards

Are you still looking for other subjects you don’t see in the list?

If so, you can also still search the Brainscape Market at any time from our website or the main Brainscape mobile app, and perhaps other students or teachers have created some great content that you can use. You can also always create your own flashcards if you want something more personalized.

See our complete guide to making & studying flashcards online to ace your college exams. You've got this in the bag.

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