We’ve got HUGE news and we think you’re gonna love it.

Brainscape has officially launched our new collection of Conversation Starters flashcards!

Short of a 20,000 gigaton polar-class icebreaker ship, there isn’t a more efficient way to break the ice, cut the crap, and grease the wheels of the conversations you WISH you were having with the people around you.

Got a business retreat coming up? Or a friends’ weekend away,  romantic date, or family gathering? These eight decks of 430+ flashcards (and counting) will transform your surface-level conversations or incessant bickering into something much deeper, more thought-provoking, and even scandalous!

Brainscape Conversation Starters flashcards

From casual discussions: “Do you have a secret talent?” | “What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?”

… and controversial debates: “Which technology should not have been invented?” | “Should prisoners have the right to vote?”

… to the hilarious, embarrassing, or surprising secrets and stories we all harbor: “Who in the room can swear in the most languages?” | “Never have I ever seen a ghost or UFO”.

Brainscape’s Conversation Starters flashcards will help you start conversations with strangers, friends, family, colleagues, dates... or anyone really. They're the official antidote to social awkwardness, made by a team of proud nerds who are more than a little acquainted with introversion.

(And if you’re after even more advice on how to improve your conversational prowess, check out our Academy article: The art of ice-breaking: How to start conversations with strangers, friends & colleagues.)

There’s just one little thing you need to know about our Conversation Starters flashcards before you get started... You’ll be using them a little differently than how you would use Brainscape to study your more academic subjects. Instead, you should be flipping through them in Browse mode.

This will allow you to read the flashcard questions without flipping them over to reveal the answers (because we don’t provide those: your friends will). You also won’t be asked to rate your confidence level in each question as you would if you were actually using Brainscape to study, learn, and remember information.

And don’t forget to bookmark the questions you love so that you can line ‘em up for your next social gathering or date! (For the parents out there, *these flashcards are completely safe for young minds;* although adult users can go wherever they like with the conversation prompts 😈.)

That’s all there is to it!

As a proud team of nerds, we’re more than a little acquainted with what it feels like to be socially awkward, which is what inspired us to make these flashcards. We really hope our Conversation Starters help you rise to the challenge of the kind of conversations and connections you want and deserve to have!

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