As you may have seen by now, Brainscape is a great tool for creating and sharing adaptive flashcards with your students. If you’re looking for ready-made flashcards for your students, we may be able to help with that, too!

Did you know that Brainscape has over 1 million courses’ worth of great flashcards created by top publishers, teachers, and students around the world? These flashcards are ideal learning tools for teachers to use in the classroom to ramp up engagement and to maximize the learning of their students.

[Browse the various Brainscape flashcards subjects available for your students]

Finding ready-made flashcards for your students couldn’t be easier

You can find your Subject either by browsing the different categories or by typing your specific query (e.g. “biology 101”) into the search bar.

Once you see the list of available Subjects for your query, you can click on each Subject to see the names of the Decks inside it, and even a list of the flashcards in each Deck, to see if the Subject is a good match for your curriculum. And when you find a match, simply add it to your own account, and then share a link with your students.

Brainscape flashcard market tools for teachers
Browse the flashcard market for flashcards that are ready for your students. Or build a deck yourself!

Your students will then be able to easily study these flashcards, in either a web browser or in their mobile Brainscape app. And if you or your students want to edit your own version of the flashcards, then you can always create a custom copy of the class, and track students remotely throughout the semester.

Brainscape student progress graphic tools for teachers
Brainscape lets you track your students progress so you can see how much they've engaged with the subject content.

Double your students’ retention of knowledge

At Brainscape, we don't just offer flashcards as learning tools for teachers. Since managing our adaptive flashcard learning platform, we've collected valuable insights for tens of thousands of educators to learn what works best for your students to retain knowledge. You can find these insights in our in-depth guide on how to optimize students’ study performance.

However you decide to use Brainscape in your class, we’re confident that your students will appreciate learning faster and more efficiently.

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