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1. how many hosts?

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1. facultative two host system (can be one or two hosts)

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1. what is the primary definitive host?

2. what is the intermediate host?

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1. (predator) all felines

2. (prey) most domesticated animals, mammals, and birds

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tachyzoites - becase they are dividing rapidly

once they form cysts they divide much more slowly - now called bradyzoites

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(Life Cycle in a cat)

1. ingest oocysts - how many days to oocyst?

2. ingest tissue cysts - how many days to oocyst?

3. What are sources of feline infection?

1. 21

2. 3

3. oocysts (cat feces), tissue cysts (birds and rodents)

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(Life cycle in a cat)

(oocyst shedding)

1. what percent of cat population?

2. occurs for how long?


3. 1 bradyzoite or cyst consumed can result in how many oocysts?

4. How is this important for cat to human transmission?

1. 1%

2. 1-2 weeks (huge number of oocysts shed)

3. millions

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(Feline infections)

1. what clinical signs do you see in cat?

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1. What diagnostic method do you rely on?

2. What does IgM tell you?


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1. serology


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(Human infections)

1. by age 12 what percentage of US population is seropositive?

2. What are the sources of infection (look at pic)

1. 50%

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(Human infections)

(Congenital Infection)

1. in utero can get transplacental transmission of what?


1. tachyzoites

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(Human infection)

1. in humans located primarily where?

2. new infections are often fatal


1. what percentage of patients acquire Toxoplasma encephalitis?

2. what is the big problem here?

1. CNS

1. 25%

2. loss of immune control of previous infections

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(Human Infection)


1. what makes this a problem?


1. what is the problem here?

1. immunosuppressed, organs could possibly contain tissue cysts

1. immunosuppression as a result of chemotherapy

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