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written document developed by a team of health care professionals and the family



what does the IFSP take into account

The child's current level of development
family's recourses and priorities
goals and services necessary to achieve them
a time course


is the form or type of communication used

mode of communication


the means used to share information between you and your child, it may include speech, sign, writing, hand gestures, or any other system of shared symbols

communication mode types


manual system of communication used by members of deaf culture in the USA

american sign language (ASL)


children with significant hearing loss learn ASL as a first language and then later learn english in school as they develop reading and writing skills

bilingual bi culture model


culturally and linguistically distinct form the hearing society
a community primary composed of individuals who have pre lingual deafness and identify with the deaf culture rather than feel like they are a part of hearing culture

deaf community


manual signs correspond to english words
- has the same syntactic structure as english
- can speak simultaneously while signing

manually coded english


combined use of sign and speech
- the child uses every available means to receive a message including sign, residual hearing ad lip reading

total communication


-system for enhancing speech reading uses phonemically based gestures to distinguish between similar visual speech patterns
-talker speaks while simultaneously cueing the message
- not widely use
- uses 8 different hand shapes to distinguish consonants and 6 locations on face and neck are sued to distinguish vowels

cued speech


when will a child develop more language than any other time ??

within the first 3 years of life


awareness that a sound is present : ex peek a boo

sound awareness


listener can tell if sounds are alike or different ( ex rattle keys and have the childs