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At what age do infants tend to reach for objects presented in the visual field

3 weeks tend to POORLY reach for objects
-reach but don't open hands fast enough


At what age do infants start reaching more accurately

4-5 months


What is the withdrawel reflex response based on?

1. enlarging or looming target
-konio cells respond to growing objects
2. dynamic stereoscopic changes
-opposite directional movement of the 2 eyes impacts this response


At what age do babies look in the same direction as the person they are looking at

11 months


What can babies see when they are
1 week, 1 month, 2 months, 6 months

1 week: low contrast, blurry, difficult to recognize objects w/o movement
1 month: some improvement, but identification is still difficult w/o movement
2 month: can identify image w/o movement, but just faintly
6 month: image can be identified relatively easily w/o movement


at what age do kittens respond to light?

3 weeks of age


at what age will kittens prefer a closer table and have a sense of depth?

4 weeks of age


when do neuromodulators start working in humans?

5.5 weeks after birth


What neurotransmitters cause behaviors in infants to start at 3.5 and 4.5 weeks?

Tunica, Norepeinephrine, GABA inhibition