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at what age are VEPs just detectable at?

1 or 2 weeks of age


when do VEPs start to get smaller in amplitude? why?

6 months of age
response becomes more complex


the latency of VEPs steady decreases until the child is how old?

100 days, reaching 1/10 sec (same as adults)


changes in VEP are dependent on the development of what?

development of the retina


VEP shows a steady inc in VA that levels off around ___ months, then starts again at what age?

7 months
6-7 years of age


in kittens, when is visual acuity mature at

3-4 months of age


in kittens, at what age does CSF greatly increase from? until when?

greatly increases from 3-4 weeks until 12 weeks


in humans, at what age does VEP CSF increase greatly from? until when?

increases greatly from a very insensitive 2.5 months until 6 months but still not at adult levels


in cats, how does the CSF develop in 3-4 weeks? 4-5 weeks? 6-7 weeks?

3-4 weeks: cortex becomes active (VA very low)
4-5 weeks: improves rapidly (esp at lower freq)
6-7 weeks: starts to level out

this period is the critical period wehre cats can develop amblyopia


in humans, what is the VEP VA at 2 months? 6 months?

2 months: 20/100
6 months: 20/40


what did the MIT procedure tell us about grating acuity?

grating acuity develops as a function of mature (developmental delays), not age and experience


what did the MIT procedure tell us about CSF in infants?

highly reduced for all spatial frequences in infants (100x less sensitive)


what information does VEP tell us? PL?

VEP shows what information is traveling through the visual system
PL shows how well the infant actually sees and responds to their environment


at what age do VEP and PL findings approach one another?

1-2 years of age


what is the VA for PL at 2 months? 6 months?

2 months: 20/400
6 months: 20/100


why is landolt C a much more accurate measure for amblyopes?

bc reading letters requires position sense while gratings do not..position sense is what is affected in strabismic amblyopia


at 4 weeks, an infant is _____ times less sensitive to light than an adult. and at 18 weeks they are ___ times less sensitive.
what age does light sensitivity approach adult levels?

4 weeks=25x
18 weeks=4x

2 years of age


why does a 3 month old have a lightly higher photopic luminance sensitivity at short wavelengths?

due to differences in optical clarity


why does a 3 month old have colors desaturated? esp in blue/green

reduced pattern vision


at what age do almost all kids respond appropriately to changes in movement direction?

6-8 weeks


at what age does orientation sense start? at what age does almost every kid have good recognition of chagnes of 30 deg or more?

ability starts at 4 weeks, and by 10 weeks have good recognition


in macaque monkeys, when does contour integration (ability to pick our a different border or object among others) develop?

6 months then begins to show improvement from there