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What happens during E68

right and left eye synapses are intermixed


What happens during E77

the inputs from the 2 eyes start to separate into clusters


What happens during E91

the LGN has found its position sitting to the side and beneath the thalamus, where there are distinct dark and light clusters


What do the dark areas of the LGN correspond to?

input from the contralateral eye


What do the light areas of the LGN correspond to

input from the ipsilateral eye


What happens during E130

speckles start to move to form layers


At what time does enucleation of one eye lead to clusters of empty space where input from the enucleated eye should be

Enucleatinon at E91


during gestation, what is the source of synchronous firing?

waves of calcium moving through the retina
-more intense the calcium=greater the number of action potentials coming from that specific area in the retina


synchronous firing of ganglion cells helps organize precise retinotopic projections to the LGN that separate into what?
what does the cortex separate into?

cortex=ocular dominance columns


what is the basis for the formation of layers in the LGN and coarse VF layout?

synchronous firing in response to calcium in the retina


where do inhibitory interneurons originate from? how do they travel? via what?

originate in the striatum and travel horizontally through the cortex via amoeboid actions
-form connections between cortical columns rather than w/in them


what are the 3 types of neurons in the infant rat hippocampus?

place cells: fire when rat is in specific place w/in their environment
direction cells: fire when rat is facing a specific direction
grid cells: fire at the vertices of a regular repeating grid that covers the environment, environment expands the grid will expand and become less precise


which cells in the hippocampus of a rat take the longest to develop?

grid cells take about 2 days
place and direction take seconds


what cells beocme finely tuned into columns in the auditory cortex?

pitch and location cells


what develop in wenicke's area

phoneme detectors for specific sounds develop