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Tuckman group development

Forming – Roles unclear, anxious, polite
Storming – sometimes though, conflict between working styles
Norming – resolve differences, appreciate people strength,
Performing - achieve goals


Belbin team roles

Plant, resource investigator, coordinator, shaker, monitor/evaluator, team worker, implementor, completer, specialist


global teams

Can offer cross cultural expertise, often outperform homo genius teams, offer different perspective into key dimensions

Adv- more creative, decisions more comprehensive, increased understanding of global markets, more effective with international customers.

Disadvantage: difficult to develop close groups, longer decisions, action plans longer to implement, different work habits can lead to conflicts.


UNIDO team building process

Orientation, trust building, goal clarification, decision making, implementation, renewal


Team leader responsibility

Select members based on skills, provide clear direction, build positive team culture, tie rewards to performance, recognise and build on differences


Strategies to get the most out of teams

Mapping: engaging differences between people

Bridging: communicating effectively

Integrating: using differences between team members