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Motivation in global countries (countries)

Thai- group cooperation + harmony valued, competition discouraged

Netherlands: cannot get Dutch to compete with each other publicly

Mexico: everything personalised. Managers more of an instructor, teacher, father figure.



Physiological-safety-belongingness-esteem-self actualisation


Herzberg 2 factor

Job satisfaction arises from factors affecting satisfaction/dissatisfaction

Motivators (satisfaction): performance, recognition, job status, responsibility, opportunities for growth.

Hygiene (dissatisfaction): salary, secondary working conditions, relationship with colleagues, physical workplace, relationship with supervisor.


Aldefers ERG

Similar to Maslow. All human needs can be satisfied simultaneously not from bottom up.

Existence- need for basic material existence.
Relatedness- need for interpersonal connections, social status, recognition.
Growth- need for personal development, creative/meaningful work.


McGregor x y theory

X- authoritan leadership style. Emphasis on productivity, assumes people are work shy and need a push.

Y- participative style, assumes people will exercise self direction


Expectancy theory

Assumes behaviour results from choices amongst alternatives whose purpose is to maximise pleasure, minimise pain.

Expectancy - increased efforts will leads to increased performance.
Instrumentality- if you perform well a valued outcome will be received.
Valence- importance individual places on expected outcome


Extrinsic rewards

Provided to employees often as a result of good or bad performance. Administered by firm.


Intrinsic rewards

Internal rewards that arise from doing ones job. Self administered.