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phone numbers in telestaff are considered confidential and therefore not to be used for any purpose beyond ___ and only by personnel with staffing responsibilities

staffing (1)


what are the 3 modes of entry for telestaff

telephone, web staff, station computers (2)


for short periods of time less than ___ hours individual companies may be staffed differently than shown on the suppression - staffing schedule

2 (2)


failure of an employee to report to assigned location within __ hours shall be casue for disciplinary action

1.5 (3)


there shall be at least __ battalion chief's on duty 24 hours each day

2 (4)


failure to arrive for an overtime shift in ___ hours will negate the overtime

1.5 (4)


when a person is signed up to work overtime and is called by telestaff, if the person does not answer they will have ___ minutes from the time date stamp to verify availability to work

6 (7)


what are the holidays that do not count towards the total hour rule

new years, 4th of July, thanksgiving, xmas and xmas eve, new years eve (10)


telestaff will discontinue calling at ___ and commence at 0530 hours the morning of the shift

2130 (11)


if telestaff is in all call mode there is a reserve time of __ min and an expiration time of 30 min

2 min (12)


FOTS will only be credited to person who was originally forced if they work ___ hours or more, if not their will be no FOTS

10.5 (13)


all employees will have 12 hours off in an __ hour period

84 (14)


sick calls made after 0615 will need to be approved by ___

the employees battalion chief (14)


all sick calls shall be made at least ____ min before the shift start

45 (14)


the hazmat team will be staffed with a min. number of 7 between stations

3 and 106 (15)


TRT must have a min of ___ techs assigned to the station

6 (16)


fire capt are assigned __ level in telestaff and chief aids are have agency level

station (21)

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