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Explain why Charles Albert invaded Lombardy in 1848?

Drive Austria out of Lombardy
Asked for help, revolution in Milan
Expand the power of piedmont
Italy for itself


Explain why the pope seemed like a natural leader of Italy

Unity in religion
Pope bringing out liberal reforms
Gioberti wanted pope to be head of federation


Explain why the pope issued the allocution

General and army went to join Charles Albert
Austria was a catholic country
Not as liberal as originally thought


Explain why a Roman Republic was declared in 1849

Assassination of count Rossi
Pope fled
Mazinis influence
Elections for assembly people elected were republicans
Pope not popular, people wanted liberalism


In what ways were Gilbert's ideas important?

Let Catholics support revolution
Pope and revolution
Seemed like pope supported ideas
Gave power to revolutionaries


Explain why there were divisions between the revolutionaries

Language barrier
North south divide
Social class divide
Different aims


In what ways did the pope influence the revolutionaries

Encouraged Catholics to be liberals
Allocations meant lost of revolutionaries with drew
Pope fleeing allowed roman republic to be set up


In what ways did the revolutions fail, externally and internally?

Externally - strength of Austria. French troops destroying RR

Internally - lack of good leadership and popular support, divides. and the pope


Why did the lack of popular support lead to the failure of the revolutionaries?

Peasants living off the land
No reading
Priest gave most influence
Revolutionaries did not seek popular support


How did manzinis ideas cause the revoltions?

Young Italy
Liberal thinking


What was the impact of the French Revolution of Italy?

Napoleons changes simplified political boundaries divide in Italy into 3 parts.
The Roman Catholic Church suffered and therefore lot power and influence
Liberty, equality and fraternity. Influencing Italy to liberalise and have their own uprising


Why was there a revolution in Sicily in 1848?

General bad harvest
Freedom from Naples. Repression of Ferdinand


Why was there a revolution in Naples?

Ferdinand was Very repressive
No Austrian troops
Pope seemed to support it
Liberal ideas spreading
Revolution in Sicily


Why was there a revolution in Milan

Fall of Metternich in Venice
Freedom from Austria
New ideas
Successful revolutions in Naples and Sicily
French Revolution
Piedmont was liberal


Why was the a revolution in Venice?

Independence from Austria
Fall of Metternich
Revolutions in Milan Venice and Sicily
Releasing Marin from prison
Austrian navy mainly Italian


Why did Charles Albert declare war on Austria?

Get Austria out of Italy
Lombardy and Venicia asked for help
Territorial expansion for piedmont


Explain why France sent troops to Italy in 1849

Pope fled and they are a catholic country
Gain influence in Italy
Pope asked for help
Popular support for napoleon