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Explain why Cavour wanted to bring about the modernisation of Piedmont

He wanted to attract support from other party of Italy and bring them under his leadership
He was a political liberal who believed that a constitutional monarchy was the best way forward
He was an economic liberal who got much of his support from businessmen who want economic progress


Explain why the national society was formed in 1857?

The encouragement from Cavour
The small size of them society reflects its narrow appeal
The role of Daniel Marin and the influence he had over Italy


Explain how the modernisation helped piedmont

New liberal ways bring about support from Britian
Gain influence in Italy which allows piedmont to be seen as a major power
Set an example, desirable for liberals
Anti clerical


Why did Cavour attend the Paris peace conference in 1856?

Close relationship with Britain
Looking for a closer relationship with France
Wanted to gain respect abroad while modernising
Lessons learnt from the 1848-9 revolutions