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Why did Rome not become a part of Italy until 1870?

Rome remained under French protection
Pope Pius refused to negotiate
French troops remained in Italy until 1866


Why did Venetia not become part of untied Italy until 1866?

Venetia was ruled by Austria who had a larger army and more resources
Te only say Austria would give up Venetia would be to France, Italy relationship with France was strongest at this point
France had a large enough army to beat them at this point


Explain why piedmont allied with Prussia in 1866?

Gain Venetia to be able to defeat Austria
Ally against Austria
Fight as one nation
Opportunity to show what the new kingdom of Italy could do


Explain why Prussia sought an alliance with piedmont in 1866?

Large army and navy
Austria attacked on two fronts easy to defeat
Same aims
France and England support the because of piedmont


Explain why piedmont sought an alliance with Prussia

Small vs larger
Austria focusing more on Prussia
Want Venetia


Explain why Venetia became part of Italy in 1866?

France's influence
Organisation of treaty of Bismarck
Piedmontese alliance with Prussia
Prussia defeated Austria


Explain why Rome did not become part of Italy

French troops
Popes disagreement
Popes influence round Europe


Why where there French troops in Italy till 1870?

Napoleon was a good catholic
Pope against unification
Garibaldis attacks


Why was piedmont defeated

Strength of Austria
Never fought as unified country
Language barriers


How was Italy unified in 1870?

Standardised weights and measures
One king
One parliament
One army and navy
Piedmontese debt become national debt
Trade Barriers removed
One set of laws
Same money


How was Italy not unified in 1870?

North south divide
Brigands war
Only 2% can vote
Victor Emmanuel 2nd
8th parliament
Pope signed syllabus of errors
Doctrine of the papal
Nice and savoy not unified
Trieste not included
Revolutionaries not happy