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Explain why napoleon agreed to help piedmont in 1859?

Wanted to gain power in Italy
Used to be cabinari
Orsinis near assassination of napoleon
Land acquisition


Why did napoleon agree to help piedmont at plombiere

He got nice and savoy
Spread of French influence and power
Cothilde and that family tie


Why did victor Emmanuel agree to the treaty of Zurich?

He got Lombardy
Loss of men in war
No real winner
Didn't have to five away nice and savoy


Wy did napoleon agree to the villa Franca

Popular support in France
Prussia threat
Loss of men
Austria still in quadrilateral


Explain the role of Cavour in the war with Austria in 1859?

Negotiated with napoleon
National society involvement
Italian question raised
Liberal support from Britain
Modernisation of piedmont


Explain why France and piedmont won the battle of magenta and solferino?

France had so many troops
Better leadership
No radsky
Metternich died


Explain why Austria declared war on Piedmont in 1859

Piedmont mobilizer
Piedmont did. No demobilising after ultimatum
Wanted to keep control in Italy
Piedmont was being provocative
Piedmont didn't seem weak


Explain why it was difficult to provoke Austria

Needed to be a justified and diplomatic war
Needed war to appear non revolutionary
They couldn't find a valid reason or a revolution to start the war
No popular support or up risings


Why did the treaty of Villa Franca occur?

Prussia was mobilising
Napoleon did not like favours activities in the Duchies
The roman republic was being set up and the pope had fled France.