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Explain why garibaldi invaded Sicily

He wanted a unified Italy
Already a revolt going on in Sicily
Angry about Naples and Sicily being united


Explain why Garibaldi joined the 1000

Nationalist support
Just and successful war, driven Austria out


Explain why garibaldi gains support in Sicily

Claim he will abolish grist tax
Re distribution of land
Social order
Suppresses revolts
Nationalism for Sicily
Freedom from Naples


Why were there plebiscites in 1860-66

Britain wouldn't allow restoration by force
During war of unification 1859
National societies influence
Setting up provisional governments


Explain why the plebiscites were important to the unification of Italy?

Gave power and control to piedmont in Duchies and Tuscany
Removed most Austrian influence
Changed expansion to Italian unification
Popular support for Italian people
Democratic unification


Explain why the duchies voted to join Italy

Piedmontese modernisation and prosperity
Freedom from Austria and oppression
Role of national society


Explain why Garibaldi failed to capture Rome in 1862?

Lack of popular support from kingdom of Italy and government
French troops in Rome. Austria and France involved
No catholic support, against the pope


How was garibaldi a expedition to Sicily successful?

Caused a popular uprising in Sicily
Sowing that garibaldi was militarily successful
Successful in the taking of Palermo etc.