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Paul Rand

Brooklyn designer. Credited with bringing modernist aesthetics to the US. Used scratchy hand writing in many of his designs. IBM logo, among many others.


Alvin Lustig

Architect, interior designer, graphic designer. Was blinded, died young. Incorporated his own painting style and private symbols in to his designs.


Bradbury Thompson

Born in Kentucky, moves to NYC. First project, paper promotional designs, became a lifetime project. He didn't have money for photos or illustrations so he used historical images. Designed a bible that was sensitive to typography.


Saul Bass

LA films/motion picture industry. Chunky forms, broad color backgrounds. Did some short films, Psycho shower scene. Stencil type.


Chermayeff & Geismar

Pioneers in NY school. Called their office a design firm, not an art studio. Had a background in European modern art. Television logos.


Henry Wolf

Esquire art director studied under Brodovich, replaced him at Harpers. Experimented with photography.


Doyal Dane Bernbach

Think small ad. Didn't want to condescend to the audience. Reengineered copy writing & ads so they work together more.


American Typographic Expression

Type is integrated into photos. Greatest practitioner was Herb Lubalin, who made it popular. Letterforms become objects.


Ralph Ginzberg

Avant Garde co-creator. Worked with Herb Lubalin. Publisher. Eros magazine, started Fact magazine.


William Golden

CBS logo, brought a high level of design to CBS. Hired talented illustrators. Adopted a corporate typeface for CBS, which was DIdot- he found a case in France. Died suddenly at 48


Lou Dorfsman

Takes over as creative director at CBS, mostly keeps Golden's aesthetic.


Raymond Loewy

Known for product/industrial design. Born in France, lived in US. Started in fashion graphic design. Rebranded Lucky Strike on a bet. "Style engineering" aka forced obsolescence. Exxon Logo, Shell oil logo.


Lester Beall

Corporate identity, started a firm.


Massimo Vignelli

Helvetica. Knoll furniture. Subway system.


George Lois

Art director at dd&b. Guy who threatened to jump out the window. Designed esquire covers


Herb Lubalin

American typographic expression advocator. Co-created avant garde.


The New York School

Pioneered by Paul Rand. Taught American Typographic Expressionism.