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Who is Alphonse mucha?

Checkosylvakian poster designer, did Gismoda poster in six days. A lot of decorative qualities. Ornamental design.


Art Noveau

An international movement, building to business cards. Bridges the gap between old and modern styles. First period where they were inventing new forms. Vine like qualities inspired by union Japanese wood block prints.


Aubrey Beardsley

Illustrated for the studio, also inspired by ukioe. Worked with Oscar Wilde, died young. Tall tendril like figures. Heavy black forms, which angered Morris, occupied his compositions.


Charles Rennie Macintosh

The most successful of the four macs. Scottish, Glasgow. Interior design too. Very vertical forms.



Felt that they didn't need or want to represent the form accurately. Uses geometry and 2-D planes to express emotion. Inspired by African masks.



Claimed to be anti art, went for shock value. Rejected all traditions.


Edward Penfield

Watercolor posters for harpers. As his style matured, he focused on typography in his posters


Ethel Reed

Copland day poster designer. First woman to rise to prominence in the graphic design field. her disappearance from historical record at age 22 remains a mystery.


Eugene Grasset

Important to Victorian to Noveau transition. Integrated illustration in to books. Did covers for harpers weekly. Thick black outlines, coloring book style. Studied medieval art and was also influenced by Asian Art. Muted colors, floral motif.


F.T. Marinetti

Futurist poet, sort of like typographic design. Wrote a manifesto for futurists.


Fernand Leger

Cubist artist that moved away from cubism into a more relatable brightly colored color and shape study. Fought in the war, made art about his experiences.


Fortunate Despero

Dynamic futurist poster designer. Some of his work was a precursor to the artists book.


Frances and Margaret Macdonald

Attended Glasglow, inspired by Aubrey Beardsley and Celtic illuminations. Tall vertical forms. Married Charles Rennie Mac. Four macs.


Frank Lloyd Wright

Space is the essence of design. American architect.



Poets discarded horizontal and vertical process. Interested in speed and expressing that in their works. Experimental typography.


Henri Van de Velde

Architect, educator. All art disciplines are equally important and use similar theories. Work should reflect its historical time. Developer of the drop cap.



German arts and crafts movement based magazine. It is also the German word for the arts and crafts movement


Jules Cheret

Transitional in the Victorian to Noveau movements. The father of the modern poster. Lithograph posters replace letter pressed ones. Established a printing press, chose art and design over printing. Cherettes. Posters larger than life. Twirling, active figure and type on a swash of color.


Koolman Moser

Part of vienna secession. Painter and designer. Interior designer. Did posters for secessionists.


Kurt Schwitters

Collage artists. 1920s. Children's books animating letter forms.


Louis Rhead

British born, worked in America. One of the first immigrants to do art Noveau. Very well known, worked with Grasset, but used brighter colors than Grassetdid. Worked with Harpers.


Man Ray

Aka Emmanuel radnitzky. American artist from Philadelphia worked with Duchamp.Applied surrealism and Dadaism to less prints called rayographs.


Marcel Duchamp.

Challenged current definitions of arts, said this is Art because I say it is. Cubism surrealism


Maxfield Parrish

Parish created an elegant land of fantasy with his idealized drawing and intricate composition. Frequently used a specific shade of blue, which was eventually called parish blue. works for colliers magazine. American.


Pablo Picasso

Spanish painter who applied elements of African tribal art to the human figure inspired Cubism


Peter Behrens

Known for doing large wood posters did aeg logo gave up fine arts for applied arts. Originator of corporate identity programs. First industrial designer decorative not necessary for expensive things


Rene Magritte

Bowler hats as motif. This is not a pipe painting. surrealist.


Salvador Dali

A surrealist painter who played up to the media a lot



Rooted in Dadaism. A world of intuition and dreams and Freud.


The modern movement in photography

Photo collage photomechanical printing techniques obliterate cut edges unifying the image



Had an accident at 16, started painting. Design posters, went to the cabaret, drink, socialized. Creative designs the next morning from memory. Mostly a painter, did 32 posters. Moulin rouge poster.


Vienna secession

Existing art organization needed to be revised with new or theories. Modern industrial artists should be sensitive to that.


Will Bradley.

Father of the American visual poster, started wayside press. His style was like beardsleys. Inventive with his type. Humorous storybook style later in his career.