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Walter Gropius

Director of weimar arts and crafts school. German. Decided to merge two Weimar arts and crafts and art academy, renamed Bauhaus. Pursued a curriculum that merged fine arts and applied arts. Believed typography should not be expressive.



Visionary,reformed thinking, democratized arts and crafts approach. Initiated the foundations courses in the modern curriculum.


Lazlo maholy-Nagy

Made a dramatic shift in Bauhaus toward constructivism. The combo of type and photo, "the new visual literature". Believed photography was important to posters. Believed The essence of design is the concept. Experimental with photography and photograms, "photoplastics".


Herbert Bayer

Student of the Bauhaus, then becomes professor. Rejected historical design traditions. Typographer. Wouldn't use capitals. Moved to the U.S., had a 60 year career.


Five Bauhaus principles

1. SAns serif
2. Flush left, rag right
3. Contrast in size and weight.
4. Bars and rule to create hierarchy
5. B & W only. One or two bright colors.


Marcel Breuer

Furniture designer. Designed the chair.


Jan tschichold

German, most important contribution was his 2 publications- the new typography. Preferred lower case, liked even less stylized sans serifs than Herbert Bayer liked.


Eric gill

Traditional and modern aesthetic. Spoke about industrialism, didn't justify all text. Said left aligned was the most legible.



An international system of typographic picture education. Alternate to text, thought it could improve literacy. Advent of the info graphic.


Piet zwart

Holland designer not part of Bauhaus, typotect- architect who became a typographer.


Herbert matter

Swiss who made the tourism poster Paula ashear ripped off.


Josef albers

Former Bauhaus student, made professor. Color theorist.


Paul Klee

Joined the Bauhaus staff in 1920. Klee "integrated modern art with the work of non-Western cultures and children to create drawings and paintings that are charged visual communication"


Paul renner

Designed Futura. From Germany. Futura was used a lot in isotype.


The new typography

Book by jan tschichold. Typography should be efficient and machine Like. Type should be set in motion rather than at rest. Type should be elementary and form without embellishment. Stripped of unnecessary elements. White spaces given a new role.


Wassily Kandinsky

Joined the Bauhaus in 1920. Merged visual and applied arts. Had a background as a painter.