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What is the Creation Mandate?

God gave us dominion over the earth. We should fill the earth and study it.


What are the two great commandments?

1. Love God with all your heart.
2. Treat your neighbor as yourself.


What are two ways earth science helps us declare the glory of God?

1. Discovery-by discovering cave formations, lightning, oceans currents, nebulas and all the amazing creations.

2. Imitation- God created us to declare his glory by being like him.


True or False: Studying Mars's surface with robotic rovers is not part of God's plan for redeeming people from their sins

False, God can work in many ways


What are two ways God want us to care for the earth?

1. We need to manage with wisdom and skill
2. When we study the earth, we imitate God.



Good tidings


Why would Christians want to help others?

Because as Christians, we should want to help others. People are important to God and they should be to us too.