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When should a patient who had a recent MI begin cardiac rehab?

AFTER myocardial healing (6-8 weeks post MI)


What are the acceptable forms of activity to start cardiac rehab?

-Recreational games
-Swimming in a pool (water temp 27-30 C)


What are the health benefits of walking?

-Reduce risk of coronary heart disease and stroke
-Reduced high cholesterol
-Lower BP
-Reduce risk of colon and breast cancers
-Reduce body fat and help control weight
-Increase bone density --> help prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis)
-Reduce risk of type II diabetes
-Mental well being


What activities should a patient avoid after having an MI?

-Static exercise w/ temporary breathold (valsalva maneuver)
-Lifting heavy weights
-Heavy, strenuous arm work


What are the mechanisms by which exercise increases risk of CV events in cardiac patients?

-Increased wall stress and O2 demand from increased HR and BP --> ischemia
-Increased flexing of coronary arteries --> plaque disruption and thrombosis
-Coronary artery spasm in diseased or hypoxic segments
-Ischemia-induced ventricular fibrillation from regions surrounding a previous MI scar


When are cardiac events more likely to occur for cardiac rehab patients?

Transitioning into and out of exercise


List the FITTE factors for increasing cardiorespiratory fitness.



What should be the frequency of exercise?

3-5 days/week


What should be the intensity of exercise?

-65-90% HRmax
-50-85% VO2reserve or HR reserve


What should be the time per session of exercise?

20-60 mins


What type of exercise should cardiac patients be doing? Frequency of each?

-Aerobic conditioning (3-5x/week)
-Resistive exercise (2x/week)
-Flexibility (near daily)