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What are key factors that speed up urbanisation.

-Investment in industry creates a wide range of jobs, this attracts people to move to the city.
-The city will often have better services such as schools and hospitals.
-overall a better quality of life can be found in most cities as there is more money to be made in these areas


Definition for urbanisation.

Urbanisation is the rise of people living in urban areas in relation to the percentage of people living in rural areas.


What are some pull factors. One that would attract people to the city.

-better job
-better services
-better quality of life.


What are some pull factors for rural areas.

-having a peaceful retirement (often why older people can be found in urban areas)
-nice scenery.
-land is cheaper.


Explain why developed cities like london and New york have continued to grow

Developed cities have jobs which require low skill so low skill migrants will usually what to locate here.
These cities have good services and netter pay which attract more migrants.


Definition of formal employment.

Formal employment is recognised by the government. People working in this sector have many rights.


Informal employment

No tax, not recognised by the government. Often dangerous.


Give an example of tertiary, quaternary, primary and secondary jobs.

Tertiary- medication/ health services.
Quaternary- drug development.
Secondary- manufacturing.
Primary- mining coal.


Explain trends in urban land use in the cbd

Generally in the CBD you have a large amount of commerce due to the fact that a lot of transportation all leads and links to the CBD so its where a large amount of people will be at any given time, so shops will set up hoping to get customers


Land use in inner city

The inner city has more soace than thr CBD and lots of crossroads/motorways/main roads and so is accessible from a wide area, this means lots of large shopping centres may set up, howevermore commonly industry sets up as there is room for factories, as well as the ability for the working force to travel into their workplace


Land use in rurual urban fringe

Tends to be residential due to cheaper land enabling people to buy large houses with larger gwrdens to start a family and due to the high levels of transoprtstion links it is easy for people to travel into work from the rural urban fringe.


How does accessibility affect land use

Accessibility is what allows people to build homes im the rural urban frigne and still be allowed to travel into work long distance via car due to transport links, it allows shops to set up in the cbd as there are buses, trains and car links into the city mesning a lot of people will travel there looking to buy goods, it also allows shoooing centres, factories and otherlsrge estsblishments to buld in the inner city as there are plenty of main perpendiculr roads leading to them.