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The demand for increased food production has led to areas of Heath being used to grow wheat. Explain the effect of this on the species diversity of plants

Reduces the species diversity as there is only one species of crop being grown.
The wheat is a better competitor for light and nutrients


Why might animal species diversity fall in a given area?

1. Reduction in the number of plant species
2. so less VARIETY of food sources
3. also fewer habitats


Explain why it may be more useful to calculate the index of diversity than to record only the number of species present

The index of diversity measures the number of individuals of each species and the number of species


What information is required to calculate an index of diversity for a particular community

Number of a species


Farmers clear tropical forest and grow crops instead. Explain how this causes the diversity in the area to decrease

There is a lower diversity of plants and lower variety of plants
Fewer types of food
Fewer habitats


What are the 3 components of biodiversity?

Species diversity
Genetic diversity
Ecosystem diversity


What is species richness?

The number of different species in a particular area at a given time in a community


What is a community?

All the populations of different species living in a particular place


What is a population?

All the organisms of one particular species


Biodiversity is...

the variety of living organisms in an area


habitat is..

the place where an organism lives


High biodiversity means...

lots of different species there


What can you calculate as a measure of biodiversity?

index of diversity


Species richness if a measure of....



Which is a better indicator of biodiversity - index of diversity OR species richness?

index of diversity


To calculate index of diversity what do you need to know?

total number of ALL species
total number of each species


How can you reduce biodiversity?

1. clear trees
2. remove hedges
3. pesticides
4. herbicides
5. monocultures


Why might animal diversity increase?

1. Increase in the number of plant species
2. so more VARIETY of food sources
3. also more habitats


A species is

a group of similar organisms that are capable of reproducing and producing fertile offspring