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What is an advantage of developing software using a single-platform model?

The software can perform better, and it is easier to check the software for errors because it was tailor-made for a specific platform.


What should NOT be done before trying to install an application?

Verify that the software will run on your computer by pressing the executable command


What does the Boot Camp feature of a Mac allow you to do?

Run a Windows operating system on a Mac


What type of software license grants users permission to modify the code of the program as they see fit?

Open source


What security-related action helps protect the wireless router in your home?

Setting up encryption and using a password


You need to update a device that was installed two years ago. What action should you take to find the most recent updates?

Visit the website of the company that manufactured the device.


What is a basic restriction found in software licensing?

The software may only be installed on one computer.


What is the preferred installation method when adding new software to a computer?

Selecting the default installation options


What type of license allows a company to install software on an agreed-upon number of computers so all employees can use the software at the same time?

Group use/site


For what reason would you need to download a codec pack?

Inability to view a video file of a certain format


Which of the following is NOT a best practice when installing software from a remote location?

Install the program on the root of the C Drive.


What is NOT considered a challenge of using cross-platform applications?

The performance of JavaScript/HTML5-based apps


What is a characteristic of an open source software license?

Users have the ability to access the code and the right to modify it.


How can you ensure that an operating system is always kept up to date on all Windows client devices in your network?

Configure Automatic Updates to download and install as soon as they are available.


What is the difference between a one-time purchase license and a subscription?

A one-time purchase license requires fees for subsequent upgrades, whereas a subscription provides upgrades at no additional cost.


What type of license allows only a set number of users to access it at any one time?



What should you be looking for when you read software licensing agreements?

Verification that you have a valid agreement or license to install and use the product


Where can you find the product key and serial number for your licensed computer?

The product key is usually on the license sticker on the box and can also be found in the About option of the Help menu.