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what is the networking term that describes the total time it takes a data packet to travel from one node to another?



What is the basic function of a router?

It forwards TCP/IP packets between dissimilar networks


what protects a network by denying specific types of incoming traffic?

a firewall appliance


what device is capable of preforming packet switching

a router


what protocol is used to retrieve email from a sever and supports multiple clients connecting to the same mailbox simultaneously

Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)


what usually happens to email messages when a client accesses them using the Post Office Protocol v3 (POP3)

the messages are downloaded to the client and then deleted for the server


what hardware device is used to obtain Internet access when the service provider delivers a coaxial cable

a modem


What limitation should you be aware of when applying Media Access Control (MAC) filtering on your network devices?

You will need to modify the safe list for each new authorized client device going forward.


What does Internet Message Access Protocol 4 (IMAP4) allow a user to do that Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) does not?

View the same email from many different devices


What is the advantage of downloading files from a site that begins with HTTPS as opposed to HTTP?

The HTTPS site uses SSL/TLS to encrypt data and provide a secure connection.


What is the primary difference between a LAN and a WAN?

The geographic distance between the devices that are being networked


Which feature of a wireless router allows you to specify precisely which wireless clients may join your network?

MAC filtering


The Post Office Protocol v3 (POP3) protocol is for incoming mail. Which protocol is used for outgoing mail?

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)


What is packet switching?

The ability of one computer to forward information to another using any available pathway


Which is NOT a key function of a Small Office Home Office (SOHO) wireless router?

It provides access to 3G and 4G networks.


How many Ethernet LAN ports are typically found on a Small Office Home Office (SOHO) network switch?

Four to eight