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What should be done if a needed device driver has been “abandoned” by the original manufacturer?

Search forums and other sites for information that may, or may not, legitimize a third-party’s driver package.


For security purposes, what piece of information should be changed immediately when setting up a wireless router?

Administrator password


A software firewall that is capable of content filtering can perform what action?

Allow or deny specific attachment and payload types, keywords, and file formats


What is the purpose of patching systems?

To harden systems by keeping operating system files, driver software, and firmware updated


You are notified that your computer has a worm that is actively replicating across the network. What should you do first?

Disconnect the network link


If someone refers to an application as "bloatware," what are they saying about it?

The program consumes an excessive amount of system resources.


What is the general term for any unwanted software that has the potential to damage a system or impede performance?



After you finish installing a fresh copy of Windows, you notice that several unnecessary applications were automatically installed as part of a bundle with the operating system. What should you do?

Uninstall any unnecessary applications by using the uninstall feature


What action can be taken to help validate that software comes from a legitimate source?

Ensuring that driver software is digitally signed by the vendor


Which is NOT a legitimate source for obtaining setup files or device drivers?

Third-party sites such as download.cnet.com


After antivirus software detects a virus, what action does the software most commonly take next?

It quarantines the virus and prevents it from being opened.


What typically happens when you visit a website that does not have a valid digital certificate?

The browser will display an invalid certificate warning and ask if you want to proceed.