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How do you know if a certificate is valid on your browser?

A padlock icon is shown.


What type of software allows you to protect a network by denying specific types of incoming traffic?



How do you fully remove a browser add-on or extension?

Find the location in which it was installed and remove it manually.


How do you enable or disable add-ons?

Go to the web browser settings.


When using Windows, how can you best protect yourself against malicious scripts when browsing?

Go to your User Account Control (UAC) and set up an alert in your notifications.


Where do you go to configure a pop-up blocker?

Browser settings


When using public workstations, what action should you always take before leaving a machine?

Clear the browser cache before shutting down or logging off.


What can be done to change or extend the functionality of a web browser?

Use browser add-ons.


What is the best long-term solution to ensure compatibility with today’s web browsers?

Upgrading web applications


Which of these is a clear warning from the browser that a certificate is invalid?

The address bar is colored maroon and a warning message is displayed.


When set in your browser, what can be configured to act as a firewall and apply other types of content filtering rules?

Proxy settings


What should you NOT do when configuring and managing a web browser, as it tends to break most websites?

Deactivate client-side scripting