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Technique fro the jaw thrust

jaw thrust: place tips of middle or index finger behind angle of mandible. Lift the mandible toward the ceiling until the lower incisors are anterior to the upper incisors.


Technique for the head tilt chin lift

head tilt chin lift: place tips of index and middle finger beneath patient’s chin. Lift the chin cephalad and toward the ceiling. Use the thumb to open the patients mouth.


When do we use a Bag-valve-mask?

When intubation is not required


When using a Bag-valve max, what timing do we use?

Adequate time for exhalation is needed (this is a 1:3 ratio between time for inhalation and exhalation). When ventilating with a positive-pressure device, inflation should stop once the chest has risen maximally.


Discuss the technique for a nasopharyngeal airway

nasopharyngeal: advance in nostril and direct it along the floor of the nasal passage in the direction of the occiput, not cephalad. Rotate back and forth gently if met with resistance. May be dangerous in basilar skull fractures


Distance for a nasopharyngeal airway

Length size is from corner of mouth to tip of earlobe. Diameter size is slightly smaller than the size of the nostril opening.


Nasopharyngeal airway is great for a patient who has a ___ ___.

gag reflex


Technique for using an oropharyngeal airway

oropharyngeal: open mouth widely using a chin lift manuever and advance the airway into the oropharynx. keep the tongue in mind and hold it with the non-dominant and during insertion


What is an LMA?

Laryngeal mask airway

This is a mechanical device used to maintain an open airway without direct visualization of the airway. This device forms a seal around the glottis opening.


Why do we do needle decompression for a pneumothroax?

This technique is used to decrease intrathoracic pressure from a tension pneumothorax affecting the patient’s breathing, ventilation, and circulation


The side with ____ (higher or lower) pressure should be decompressed.



Purpose of a three sided bandage and possible side effect of not using one

In a patient who has a treated open pneumothorax with an occlusive dressing, if a tension pneumothorax develops, decompression be applied through the wound. If you use the occlusive dressing with just three sides for an open pneumothorax as instructed, this should not occur.


Needle decompression should be performed when the following three criteria are met:

Needle decompression should be performed when the following three criteria are met:

Evidence of worsening respiratory distress or difficulty with bag valve mask device

decreased or absent breath sounds

decompensated shock (SBP < 90 mmHg)


Purpose of a cricothyrotomy

This is a method of providing oxygen to a patient who can not be intubated or ventilated with a bag valve mask.