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Reasons for growth in opposition?

-media portrayed them losing
-tet offensive
Cost of the war($168 billion )
-taking too long
-Muhammad ali and black opposition.
-my lai massacre 1968
-deaths and injuries
-Cambodia attack


What was the draft?

A compulsory military service many opposed they sent untrained young men. Most people were poor at first, so it lead to the lottery system.


How many soldiers were draftees.

650000 and 1 million in reserve


How did people avoid the draft?

-delaying until graduation
-only son families was exempt
-some workers exempt
-studying or working abroad


How the media effected the opposition to the war?

-reporters travelled with troops to show the war
-became known as the living room war , as the horror of the war was display for people at home


What was the student movement?

In the 1960s a significant amount of students became part pf the counter culture movement. Rejected cultural and societal rules.


Who were the SDS?

(Students for a democratic society) by 1965 they had 3000 members over 80 college campuses. SDS angered many people because they opposed the war and openly supported the vietcong


When was the my lai massacre?



What was the my lai massacre?

-Charlie company , led by lieutenant calley, killed all the people in the my lai village. Said to be about 500 , says the vietnam government. They killed the animals as well


What was the Us' response to the massacre?

Tried to cover it up and claimed they had been ordered to do so.


When did the truth of the my lai massacre emerge ?

1970 in an investigation


What was the results of the trial of Lt calley?

Convicted of killing 22 civilians in 1971 , only one bought to trial , t


What did the public believe about lt. calleys trial?

He wasn't really to blame but his superiors put the blame on him.


When was the kent state shooting?



Why were they protesting at kent state?

Nixon announced Cambodia invasion, so they began peaceful protests


What happened at the Kent state shooting?

Several training buildings on a campus were burnt down. Mayor declared state of emergency . Officials banned demonstrations but were ignored. Bricks were thrown at the national guard , they opened fire killing 4 students