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What was Nixon's policy on vietnam?

Began peace talks and also withdrawing forces in 1969. At the same time he stepped up attacks


What did Nixon say in his speech?

He wanted to withdraw forces snd hand responsibility to the south to gain strength and prevent communism


What did the Nixon doctrine state?

-usa would withdraw honour treaties
-would provide support for troops
-but would withdraw


When was the Nixon doctrine?



What was the aim of vietnamisatiom?

-strengthen vietnams forces to defend themselves , allowing the us forces to go home
-opposition dropped immediately
-began in 1969
-by end of year 60000 us troops withdrawn
-wanted to withdraw honourably


Why vietnamisation failed ?

South felt abandoned and gave a boost to the north . In reality the south were not strong enough to defend themselves


What was the result of the Nixon doctrine?

Massive increase in bombing, to try and force north into defeat


When did the us bomb Cambodia?



What happened in the bombing of Cambodia?

Bombed ho chi minh trail , which was part of Cambodia. The bombing was done in secret to try and disrupt supply lines to the north , it didnt work. Cambodia was a neutral country


What was the result when the us found out about the bombing of Cambodia?

Congress was furious as it was ineffective , wanted less funding and a faster withdrawal


What happened in laos in 1971?

Us air support for south invasion to defeat vietcong in laos and destroy ho chi minh trail . Battle of tchapone was bloody and led to ARVN retreat


Why was Laos invasion of 1971 significant ?

Raised doubts about vietnamisation, as the bases attacked remained secure


Features of bombing of the north in 1972?

-operation line backer in response to north easter offensive of 1972
-heavy bombardment of the north
-damaged industry , supplies and Communication in north, china and ussr wanted a peace settlement


What was the significance of the bombing?

Very controversial , which led to more protest and unrest


Reasons for the failure of vietnamisation?

-hundred of thousands of tonnes of supplies destroyed or stolen and not enough soldiers
-congress restricted funds
-training was rushed , 75% had less than 1 year experience
-manuals in english , soldier couldnt read it
-economic crisis in south when billions in aid stopped
- us troops did not fight to win and drug use increased


When did the war end?