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How was there an increase threat of the vietcong?

-used guirella tactics
-impossible to identify vietcong soldiers as they did not wear uniforms
-after a fight would scatter and impossible to find


Why did LBJ want the gulf of Tonkin?

Wanted to authorise use of us troops in vietnam


What happened to make congress pass the gulf of Tonkin?

C. turner and jay maddox reported a torpedo boat attack and claimed to have sunk 2 enemy boats in the gulf of tonkin , near north vietnams shores.


What was johnson told about the gulf of Tonkin incident?

May not be true


When was the gulf of Tonkin resolution signed ?



What did the gulf of Tonkin resolution state?

Gave power to president to make necessary steps to prevent attacks. Could pretty much declare war without the approval of congress


Why is the gulf of Tonkin such an outrage?

LBJ lied to gain power from congress. Wanted to invade the south to stop communism


When did the first combat troops arrive in vietnam ?

March 1965