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Why was there growing pressure to find a peaceful solution to the war?

-public criticism of the war
-financial cost
-nixon doctrine showed president was less interested in containment and would use us troops if the usa was directly threatened .


How dod nixon want the relationship between the us and communist states to be?

Increasingly trying to work better with chinese and ussr-anti communists battles were less of a pressing concern than they had been when the war started.


When did the paris peace accords take place?

January 1973


How was the paris peace accords set up?

-in paris
-us negotiator: Henry Kissinger(national security advisor)
-vietnam negotiator: Le Duc Tho(Vietnamese communist party politburo)
-aim: to negotiate an end to the war in vietnam


What happened during the negotiations at the paris peace accords ?

Negotiations were not straight forward. October 1972 Henry Kissinger had worked out a peace agreement with the north Vietnamese. However fearing the Americans were going to abandon him, Nguyen Van Thieu, president of the south vietnam, had refused to sign and north Vietnamese pulled out of talks.


What was Kissinger's and Nixons negotiation tactics?

-good cop bad cop
-Kissinger offered peace terms to the north Vietnamese, while nixon threatened to launch a massive airstrike if they refused.
-nixon mounted huge bombing raids on north vietnam until, in paris the north Vietnamese were forced to sign.


What happened after the us left vietnam?

City of saigon fell to the communists on 30 April 1975, final hours of American presence in vietnam were a mad scramble to evacuate us personal and south vietnamese civilians to us navy ships in the south china sea.
-once us has left, communists took south. North vietnam entered saigon and country was unified under communism


What was the outcome of the paris peace accords?

-ceasefire was agreed
-American forces would leave vietnam