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Explain Schizophrenogenic Mothers personalities

  • cold 
  • dominant 
  • creates conflict 
  • manipulative 
  • rejecting 
  • overprotective 
  • self-sacrificing
  • moralistic about sex 
  • fearful of intimacy


What do schizophrenogenic mothers cause in their children?

  • distrust
  • resentfulness 
  • instability
  • resulting in paranoid delusions


State the fathers' role in the schizophrenogenic mother explanation?

Takes a passive role


Explain Double-bind

  • A developing child regularly finds themselves trapped in situations where they fear doing the wrong thing
  • they receive mixed messages as to what they did 
  • they feel unable to comment on the unfairness of the situation or seek clarification.
  • when they get things wrong they are punished by withdrawal of love
  • they receive contradictory messages from their parents
  • confusion leads to self-doubt and withdrawal
  • results in paranoid delusions and disorganized thinking


Explain what is meant by Expressed Emotion

  • EE is the level of emotion (especially negative emotion) expressed by their carers



Explain the High EE communication style

  • Critical comments through tone and content (sometimes accompanied by violence)
  • Hostility towards the patient, including Anger and rejection
  • Emotional over-involvement (including self-sacrificing)


High levels of EE causes

High risk of relapse