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On which ethical theory do nurses implement their care when they act on the basis of the needs of one specific patient rather than the potential consequences to other patients


Act rather than consequences


Which nursing intervention is the best example of patient advocacy

Seeking an additional analgesic medication order for a patient who is experiencing severe pain


What action should nurses who demonstrate accountability take if they forget to administer a patients medication at the ordered time?

Follow the administration and documentation procedures for medication errors


Nursing students are held at which standard by the code of ethics for nurses/

Demonstration of respect for all individuals with whom the student interacts
Avoidance of behavior that shows disregard for the effect of those actions on others
Accepting responsibility for resolving conflicts in a professional manner


If a student nurse overhears a peer speaking disrespectfully about a patient, nurse, faculty member, or classmate, what is the most ethical first action for the students nurse to take

Speak to the peer privately to prevent further occupancies


What nursing intervention is best when a patient is struggling with the decision to abort an abnormally developing fetus discovered during genetic testing in the first trimester of pregnancy

Listen to the patients concerns


Making prejudicial, untrue statements about another person during conversation may expose a nurse to being charged with what effense



What consequences may a nurse experience if the nurse is convicted of a crime?

Loss of nursing licensure
Monetary penalty


What is the best way for a nurse to avoid crossing professional practice boundaries with patients

Focus on the needs of patients and their families


What action should a nurse take if a patient who needs to sign an informed-consent form for non emergency surgery appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Wait to have the informed-consent form signed when the patient is alert and oriented


Civil law

Governs unjust acts against



A treat of bodily harm or violence



Written forms of defamation



Actual physical harm caused



Creating a risk of harm to others


Professional boundary violations

Intervening in personal patient relationships
Spending excessive time with one patient
Keeping secrets with a patient


Demonstrates the nurse practicing the ethical principle of fidelity

Reporting on the patients concern regarding a medication


The patient refuses an IM med. the nurse proceeds with the injection. The nurse is committing which of the following



A competent adult patient wants to leave the medical center, but the nurse believes that would be detrimental to the patients health. If the patient insists on leaving what is the nurses best action

Have the patient sign an against-medical-advice form


The nurse is obtaining informed consent and discovers the patient has no idea about the possible complications of the surgery. What is the nurses best action?

Have the physician explain the complications


A nurse goes to another unit to visit a friend who has been admitted. The nurse looks at the friends medical record. What is this an example of?

Invasion of privacy


Purpose of living will

To specify desires for end-of-life care


A patient has been diagnosed with cancer, but the primary care provider to tell The patient so that they can make decisions about their care. Which ethical principle is the nurse demonstrating



Patient advocacy is best demonstrated by the nurse

Supporting the patients right to refuse treatment


A nurse is planning care for a patient going to surgery. Who is responsible for informing the patient about the surgery along with possible risks, complications, and benefits?



Healthcare institutions establish ethics committees to process ethical dilemmas. What are the purposes of ethics committees? Select all that apply.

Case consultation
Policy recommendation


You are the night shift nurse and are caring for a newly admitted patient who appears to be confused. The family asks to see the patient's medical record. What is the first nursing action to take?

Discuss the issues that concern the family with them


The nurse educator, while teaching a group of student nurses instructs, "Do not insert the urinary catheter against the will of the patient." Which aspect of statutory law is the nurse educator teaching?



Which is the best method of negotiating or processing difficult ethical situations?

Institutional ethics committees help to ensure that all participants involved in the ethical dilemma get a fair hearing and an opportunity to express values, feelings, and opinions as a way to find consensus.


A senior nurse is discussing ethical dilemmas with colleagues. Which statements are true about ethical dilemmas? Select all that apply.

Ethical dilemmas should be processed carefully to reduce distress and controversy.

An ethical dilemma cannot be resolved solely through scientific data.

Resolving ethical dilemmas is similar to the nursing process.