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Businesses communicate with employees to

- Ensure smooth change
- Motivate
- Agree objectives


Barriers to communication

- Attitudes and trust
- Layers of hierarchy
- Communication overload


Trade union definition

A pressure group that represents the interests of workers


Roles of trade unions

- To negotiate
- To represent
- To provide advice, information and member services


Reasons union membership has fallen

1. Falling employment in the secondary sector
2. Privatisation
3. The rise of the more flexible workforce


Main methods of industrial action

- Work-to-rule
- Overtime ban
- Go-slow
- Strike


How does work-to-rule work?

Employees follow strict conditions of their employment contract (no voluntary overtime)


How does overtime ban work?

Employees refuse to work overtime, can have a significant effect on production capacity during period of peak demand


How does go-slow work?

Employees work at the slowest or least-productive pace that is allowable under their contracts


Ways employers can respond to industrial action

- Lock-outs
- Changing employment terms
- Dismissing workers


What can you do if collective bargaining with an employer fails

Call in The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS)


Works councils definition

Committees of management and workforce representatives


Advantages of employee participation

- It can motivate
- It can ease change by ensuring targets are SMART
- More informed decision


Disadvantages of employee participation

- More consultation will slow things down
- Managers may feel de-motivated as they are not being allowed to manage
- It will involve cost


'Apple' employment standards example:

- Voted best private sector firm to work for in the UK according to new survey
- They employ around 6,500 people in the UK


'Amazon' employer-employee relations example:

- Amazon warehouse workers sent emails directly to boss Jeff Bezos in order to restore their employee share schemes, which were cut to fund a promised pay rise
- Share scheme entitles workers to one share (worth around £1,500) for every year they work at amazon.

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