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Motivation definition

The will to work


Advantages of a well motivated workforce

- Better productivity
- Better quality
- Lower levels of staff turnover


Frederick Taylor beliefs

- "Workers are lazy, only motivated by money"
- Workers should be told exactly what to do based on time and motion studies
- Piece rates are best form of payment
- Tall, narrow and hierarchical structures
- Autocratic


Disadvantages of Taylor

- Didn't allow for people being different
- People considered machines


How does Maslow's theory work?

He has five levels of human needs which employees need to have fulfilled at work - once lower level of need is fully met, worker is motivated by opportunity of have next need up in hierarchy satisfied


Maslow's five levels of human needs

1. Self-actualisation - realising your full potential
2. Esteem - feeling content
3. Belongingness
4. Safety needs
5. Physiological - breaks, staff canteen


Disadvantage of Maslow

- Some rewards fit into more than one level
- Some people priorities higher needs over lower one
- Not everyone shares same needs


Herzberg beliefs

- Two factor theory
- Motivating by using motivators plus ensuring hygiene factors are met
- Job enrichment
- Direct feedback
- Empowerment


What are the two factors in the two-factor theory?

- Motivators
- Hygiene (maintenance) factors


Motivators definition

Factors that directly motivate people to work harder.


Hygiene factors definition

Factors that can de-motivate if not present but do not actually motivate employees to work harder


Hygiene factors examples

- Excessive rules
- Excessive supervision
- Poor working conditions


Motivator examples

- Sense of achievement
- Recognition
- Responsibility


Disadvantages of Herzberg

- Very small sample - 200 people
- No recognition of power of teams
- Relies heavily on what people said motivates them, not what actually does

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