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How is the nose gear Normally actuated? How is the nose gear Alternately lowered?

Hyd System 2


Does the main landing gear have shimmy dampers?



What is the max retraction of the nose gear? max extension?

Retraction 200 KIAS
Extension 220 KIAS


When should the anti-skid test be completed?

ON power up of ASCU, then continually monitored


Are Michelin tires approved?

YES and they will look different than the other tires, but they are approved


When is the nose gear open on the 7/9? Are there any hazards associated with the nose gear door?

Normally open when nose gear is down, no hazards with the nose doors w/ HYD 3


How is the nose gear actuated? Is there a mechanical unlock?

Mechanically actuated and no there is no unlock


What is the alternate gear extension method for the nose gear?

HYD 2 pressure unlocks the overcenter mechanism
Then gear free falls to down and locked


How do the tires on the 7/9 stop spinning?

Spin down assembly, 3 ply straps stop nose wheel rotation


What is the tire GS max for the 7? The 9?

182 KTS
195 KTS


How many pairs of wheel brakes do the 7 have? 9?
How to assure wheel brakes aren’t inner changed between the 7/9?

4 pairs
5 pairs
Quick disconnect mechanisms prevents mixing of brakes


What is the skid plate for? Where is it?

It is a tail bumper strut, wear pad, and tail strike indicator
Bottom of the fuselage/ tailcone