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What do we do if ACARS is deferred?

We must be in contact w/ company at all times as a 121 operator, we must monitor ATL Radio frees


Which COMM does ACARS use? What is the brand? Honeywell or Rockwell Collins

VHF Comm 3


What are the components of the ACARS system?

ACARS unit
MCDU : main interface
Voice/Data switch (ACARS vs. ATL radio)


What does the VHF require for ACARS to work and get a signal? What happens if you get ACARS NO COMM?

Line of sight
FLT: switch to Voice on Comm 3 and monitor ATL radio
GRND : manual W&B


When will you get a FLT DATA MISMATCH?

IF you didn’t wait 2 minutes before initialized a new flight since the last flight


If you get a release from ACARS, what will it be missing?

Winds aloft, NOTAMS, T/O and landing report TLR


What will happen if you don’t clear a SELCAL msg?

It will mute future SELCAL msgs


Where do you enter non-standard weights? When would you use the non-standard weights? What weight do you use for ticketed baggage?

Page 2 of the pax count page
Ticketed baggage or supplements ops
Child weights


What weight is the optimum flap setting calculated off of ?

Highest MTOW