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1.an arrangement for a meeting at an agreed time and place, for a particular purpose
2.when someone is chosen for a position or job
3.a job or position, usually involving some responsibility


absolute (a./n.)

1.complete or total
2.used to emphasize your opinion about something or someone
3.definite and not likely to change
4.not restricted or limited

1.something that is considered to be true or right in all situations


abstract (a./n./v.)

1.based on the general ideas or principle rather than specific examples or real events

2.a short written statement containing only the most important ideas in a speech, article etc

2.to remove something from somewhere



1.to go somewhere with someone
2.to play a musical instrument while someone sings a song or plays the main tune
3.if a book, document etc accompanies something, it comes with it


account (n.)

1.a written or spoken description that says what happens in an event or process
2.an arrangement in which a bank keeps your money safe so that you can pay more in or take money out
3.a statement that shows how much money you owe for things you have bought from a shop



1.to admit or accept that something is true or that a situation exists
2.to publicly announce that you are grateful for the help that someone has given you
3.to let someone know that you have received something from them


address (n./v.)

1.a formal speech that someone makes to a group of people

1.if you address an envelope, package etc, you write on it the name and address of the person
2.if you address a problem, you start trying to solve it
3.to speak to someone directly
4.if you address remarks, complaints etc to someone, you say or write them directly to that person



1.a statement in which you admit that something is true or that you have done something wrong
2.permission given to someone to enter a building or place or to become a member of a school, club etc
3.the process of allowing people to enter a university, institution etc or the number of people who can enter
4.the process of taking someone into a hospital for treatment, tests or care
5.the cost of entrance to a concert, sports event, cinema etc



1.to agree unwillingly that something is true or that someone else is right
2.to say that you have done something wrong, especially something criminal
3.to allow someone to enter a public place to watch a game, performance etc
4.if people at a hospital admit someone, that person is taken in to be given treatment, tests or care



1.to take someone else's child into your home and legally become its parent
2.to start to deal with or think about something in a particular way or
3.to use a particular style of speaking, writing or behaving, especially one that you do not usually use
4.to formally approve a proposal, amendment etc, especially by voting
5.to choose a new name, country, custom etc especially to replace a previous one


advance (n./v./a.)

1.forward movement or progress of a group of people-used especially to talk about soldiers

3.to do something that will help you achieve an advantage or success for yourself or someone else



1.to make someone feel strong emotions
2.to pretend to have a particular feeling, way of speaking etc


alternative (a./n.)

1.an alternative idea, plan etc is different from the one you have and can be used instead
2.deliberately different from what is usual, expected or traditional

1.something you can choose to do or use instead of something else



1.if things are a particular time apart, they do not happen at the same time but have that much time between them


appeal (n./v.)

1.an urgent request for something important
2.a formal request to a court or to someone in authority asking for a decision to be changed
3.a quality that makes people like something or someone

2.if someone or something appeals to you, they seem attractive and interesting



1.a formal, usually written, request for something such as a job, place at university, or permission to do something
2.the particular purpose for which a machine, idea etc can be used or a situation when this is used
4.when you put something such as paint, liquid, medicine etc onto a surface
5.attention or effort over a long period of time



1.to have an effect on or to concern a particular person, group or situation
3.to make something such as a piece of equipment operate, usually by pushing or pressing something


approach (v./n.)

1.to ask someone for something or ask them to do something, especially when you are asking them for the first time or when you are not sure if they will do it
2.to begin to deal with a situation or problem in a particular way or with a particular attitude

1.a method of doing something or dealing with a problem
2.a request from someone, asking you to do something for them
3.a road, path etc that leads to a place, and is the main way of reaching it


appropriate (a./v.)

1.to take something for yourself when you do not have the right to do this
2.to take something, especially money, to use for a particular purpose



1.if a problem or difficult situation arises, it begins to happen
2.to get out of bed or stand up
3.if something arises when you are moving towards it, you are gradually able to see it as you move closer



1.not real or not made of natural things but made to be like something that is real or natural
2.an artificial situation or quality exists because someone has made it exist, and not because it is really necessary
3.artificial behavior is not sincere-used to show disapproval



1.one part of a situation, idea, plan etc that has many parts
2.the direction in which a window, room, front of a building etc faces
3.the appearance of someone or something



1.to calculate the value or cost of something



1.to give a particular time, value, place etc to something


associate (v./n./a.)

1.to show that you support someone or something

1.someone you work or do business with



1.to think that something is true, although you do not have definite proof
2.to start to have control, responsibility etc or to start in a particular position or job
3.to start to have a particular quality or appearance



1.to fasten or connect one object to another
2.to like someone or something very much, because you have known them or had them for a long time
3.if blame attaches or is attached to someone, they are responsible for something bad that happens
4.if a quality, idea etc attaches or is attached to a person, thing or event, it is connected with them



1.to go to regularly to a school, church etc
2.to happen or exist at the same time as something
3.to look after someone, especially because they are ill



1.someone who is available is not busy and has enough time to talk to you



1.to state, giving clear reasons, that something is true, should be done etc
2.to persuade someone to do or not do something


academic (a.)

1.relating to education, especially at college or university level
2.concerned with studying from books, as opposed to practical work
3.good at studying
4.if a discussion about something is academic, it is a waste of time because the speakers cannot change the existing situation


abstract (a./n./v.)

1.based on general ideas or principles rather than specific examples or real events
2.existing only as an idea or quality rather than as something real that you can see or touch
3.abstract paintings, designs etc consist of shapes and patterns that do not look like real people or things

1.a painting, design etc which contains shapes or images that do not look like real things or people
2.a short written statement containing only the most important ideas in a speech, article etc

1.to write a document containing the most important ideas or points from a speech, article etc
2.to remove something from somewhere


apparent (a.)

1.easy to notice
2.seeming to have a particular feeling or attitude, although this may not be true



1.the feeling of being very worried about something
2.a feeling of wanting to do something very much


apparatus (n.)

1. the set of tools and machines that you use for a particular scientific, medical, or technical purpose
2. the way in which a lot of people are organized to work together to do a job or control a company or country


aerial (a./n.)

1. from a plane
2. in or moving through the air

1. a piece of equipment for receiving or sending radio or television signals, usually consisting of a piece of metal or wire
2. a sport in which someone goes down a mountain on skis and performs complicated jumps and turns in the air {+P.}



1. to state firmly that something is true



1. similar to another situation or thing so that a comparison can be made [+ to/with ]


appraisal (n.)

1. a statement or opinion judging the worth, value, or condition of something [+ of ]
2. a meeting between a manager and a worker to discuss the quality of someone’s work and how well they do their job



1.behaving in an unpleasant or rude way because you think you are more important than other people



1. a promise that something will definitely happen or is definitely true, made especially to make someone less worried
2. a feeling of calm confidence about your own abilities, or that you are right about something
3. insurance, especially to provide money when someone dies



1. to prevent something unpleasant from happening



1. one of the tubes that carries blood from your heart to the rest of your body
2. a main road, railway line, river etc



1. to make a bad situation, an illness, or an injury worse
2. to make someone angry or annoyed



1.something that seems similar between two situations, processes etc [+ with/to/between ]



1. done or made in the traditional or original way
2. a painting, document, book etc that is authentic has been proved to be by a particular person
3. based on facts
4. used to describe a copy that is the same as, or as good as, the original