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1.a man who has never been married


band (n./v.)

2.a group of people formed because of a common belief or purpose
3.a flat narrow piece of something with one and joined to the other to form a circle

1.to put people or things into different groups, usually according to income, value or price



1.only with great difficulty or effort
2.almost not
3.used to emphasize that something happens immediately after a previous action
4.used before amounts or numbers to emphasize that they are surprisingly small


beam (n./v.)

1.a line of light shining from the sun, a lamp etc;
a line of light, energy etc that you cannot see
2.a long heavy piece of wood or metal used in building houses, bridges etc
3.a wide happy smile

1.to smile very happily
3.to send out a line of light, heat, energy etc


bearing (n.)

1.to have an effect or influence on something, or not have any effect or influence
2.the way in which you move, stand, or behave, especially when this shows your character
3.a direction or angle that is shown by a compass



1.to start to exist
2.a living thing, especially a person
3.the most important quality or nature of something, especially of a person


belief (n.)

1.the feeling that something is definitely true or definitely exists
2.the feeling that something is good and can be trusted
3.an idea that you believe to be true, especially one that forms part of a system of ideas


beneath (adv.)

1. in or to a lower position than something, or directly under something
2. covered by sth
3. used to say that someone’s real character or feelings are not shown because their appearance or behaviour is different
4. not good enough or suitable for someone
5. in a lower, less important rank or job than someone else


besides (adv.)

1.used when adding another reason


beyond (prep./n.)

1.on or to the further side of something
2.later than a particular time, date etc
3.more or greater than a particular amount, level, or limit
4.outside the range or limits of something or someone
5.used to say that something is impossible to do
6.used to mean ‘except’ in negative sentences

1.whatever comes after this life


bid (n./v.)

1.an offer to pay a particular price for something, especially at an auction
2.an offer to do work or provide services for a specific price
3.an attempt to achieve or obtain something
4.a statement of how many points you hope to win in a card game

1.to offer to pay a particular price for goods, especially in an auction
2.to offer to do work or provide services for a specific price, in competition with other offers
3.to say how many points you think you will win in a game of cards
4.to greet someone
5.to order or tell someone what to do


bill (n./v.)

1.a written list showing how much you have to pay for services you have received, work that has been done etc
2.a list showing how much you have to pay for food you have eaten in a restaurant especially
3.a written proposal for a new law, that is brought to a parliament so that it can be discussed
4.a programme of entertainment at a theatre, concert, cinema etc, with details of who is performing, what is being shown etc
5.a bird's beak
6.a printed notice advertising an event

1.to send someone a bill


blunder (n./v.)

1. a careless or stupid mistake

1. to move in an unsteady way, as if you cannot see properly [+ about/around ]
2. to make a big mistake, especially because you have been careless or stupid
3. to enter a place or become involved in a difficult situation by mistake [+into/in ]


blunt (a./v.)

1. not sharp or pointed
2. speaking in an honest way even if this upsets people

1. to make a feeling less strong
2. to make the point of a pencil or the edge of a knife less sharp



very good, attractive or fashionable


board (n./v.)

1. a group of people in a company or other organization who make the rules and important decisions
2.used in the name of some organizations
3.on a ship, plane, or spacecraft
4.the meals that are provided for you when you pay to stay somewhere
5.[plural 复数] the stage in a theatre
6.examinations that you take in the US when you formally ask to be accepted as a student at a college or medical school

1.to get on a bus, plane, train etc in order to travel somewhere
2.to stay in a room in someone’s house that you pay for
3.to stay at a school at night as well as during the day


boost (v./n.)

1.to increase or improve something and make it more successful
2.to steal something

1.something that gives someone more confidence or that helps something increase, improve or become successful


bore (v./n.)

1.to make someone feel bored, especially by talking too much about something they are not interested in
2.to make a deep round hole in a hard surface
3.if someone's eyes bore into you, they look at you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable

1.something that is not interesting to you or that annoys you
2.someone who is boring, especially because they talk too much about themselves or about things that do not interest you


bother (v./n.)

1.to make the effort to do something
2.to make someone feel slightly worried, upset or concerned
3.a part of your body bothers you, it is slightly painful or uncomfortable

1.trouble or difficulty that has been caused by small problems and that usually only continues for a short time


bond (n./v.)

1.an official document promising that a government or company will pay back money that it has borrowed, often with interest
2.something that unites two or more people or groups, such as love, or a shared interest or idea
3.[plural 复数] something that limits your freedom and prevents you from doing what you want
4.the way in which two surfaces become attached to each other using glue
5.the chemical force that holds atoms together in a molecule
6.a written agreement to do something, that makes you legally responsible for doing it

1.if two things bond with each other, they become firmly fixed together, especially after they have been joined with glue
2.to develop a special relationship with someone


bound (a./v./n.)

1.to be very likely to do or feel a particular thing
2.to feel that you ought to do something, because it is morally right or your duty to do it
3.if two people or groups are bound together by something, they share a particular experience or situation that causes them to have a relationship
4.a bound book is covered on the outside with paper, leather etc

1.to run with a lot of energy, because you are happy, excited or frightened
2.if a country or area of land is bounded by something such as a wall, river etc, it has the wall etc at its edge

1.the limits of what is possible or acceptable


brace (v./n.)

1. to mentally or physically prepare yourself or someone else for something unpleasant that is going to happen
2. to push part of your body against something solid in order to make yourself more steady
3. to make something stronger by supporting it
4. to make your body or part of your body stiff in order to prepare to do something difficult

1. something that is used to strengthen or support something, or to make it stiff
2. a system of metal wires that people, usually children, wear on their teeth to make them grow straight
3. a metal support that someone with weak legs wears to help them walk
4. two long pieces of material that stretch over someone’s shoulders and fasten to their trousers at the front and the back to stop them falling down
5. one of a pair of signs { } used to show that information written between them should be considered together


bracket (n./v.)

1.one of the pair of signs ( ) put around words to show extra information
2.a piece of metal, wood, or plastic, often in the shape of the letter L, fixed to a wall to support something such as a shelf

1.to consider two or more people or things as being similar or the same
2.to put brackets around a written word, piece of information etc



1.a large group of soldiers forming part of an army
2.an insulting word for a group of people who have the same beliefs
3.a group of people who are organized to do something


brood (v./n.)

1. to keep thinking about something that you are worried or upset about [+ over/about/on ]
2. if a bird broods, it sits on its eggs to make the young birds break out

1. a family of young birds all born at the same time
2. a family with a lot of children – used humorously
[+ of ]



1. a news report on radio or television
2. an official statement that tells people about something important
3. a letter or printed statement that a group or organization produces to tell people its news


bully (n./v.)

1. someone who uses their strength or power to frighten or hurt someone who is weaker

1. to threaten to hurt someone or frighten them, especially someone smaller or weaker


burst (v./n.)

1. if something bursts, or if you burst it, it breaks open or apart suddenly and violently so that its contents come out
2. to move somewhere suddenly or quickly, especially into or out of a place [+ into/through/in etc ]
3. to open suddenly
4. to want to do something very much

1. the act of something bursting or the place where it has burst
2. a short sudden effort or increase in activity [+of]
3. a short sudden and usually loud sound [+of]
4. a sudden strong feeling or emotion [+of]