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pace (n./v.)

1. the speed at which something happens or is done [+ of ]
2. the speed at which someone walks, runs, or moves [+ of ]
3. a single step when you are running or walking, or the distance you move in one step [+ backwards/towards/forwards etc ]

1. to walk first in one direction and then in another many times, especially because you are nervous
2. to measure a distance by walking across it with steps of equal length


package (n./v.)

1.the paper or plastic container that food or other goods are sold in
2.a set of ideas or services that are suggested or offered all together as a group

1.to put food or other goods into a bag, box etc ready to be sold or sent



1. a very strong feeling of sexual love [+ for ]
2. a very strong belief or feeling about something
3. a very strong liking for something [+ for ]



1.more than usual or more than others



1.used to show that one number or amount is added to another
2.and also

1.something that is an advantage

1.used to talk about an advantage or good feature of a thing or situation
2.used after a number to mean an amount which is more than that number
3.more than zero – used especially when talking about temperatures

1.used to add more information


pool (n./v.)

2.a group of people who are available to work or to do an activity when they are needed
3.a number of things that are shared or an amount of money that is shared by a group of people

1.to combine your money, ideas, skills etc with those of other people so that you can all use them


portion (n. /v. )

1.a part of something larger, especially a part that is different from the other parts
2.an amount of food for one person, especially when served in a restaurant

1.to divide something into parts and give it to several people



1.to change the data or time of a planned event or action to a later one


preserve (v./n.)

1.to save something or someone from being harmed or destroyed
2.to make something continue without changing
3.to store food for a long time after treating it so that it will not decay

2.an activity that is only suitable or allowed for a particular group of people


principal (a./n.)

1.most important

1.someone who is in charge of a school


promise (v./n.)

1.to show signs of something

1.signs that something or someone will be good or successful



1.to officially state that something is true
2.to give a judgement or opinion



1.to suggest something as a plan or course of action
2.to formally suggest a course of action at a meeting and ask people to vote on it
3.to suggest an idea, method etc as an answer to a scientific question or as a better way of doing something
4.to intend to do something
5.to ask someone to marry you, especially in a formal way


prospect (n./v.)

1.the possibility that something will happen
2.a particular event which will probably or definitely happen in the future-used especially when you want to talk about how you feel about it
3.a view of a wide area of land, especially from a high place

1.to examine an area of land or water, in order to find gold, silver, oil etc



1.relating to the way that your mind works and the way that this affects your behavior