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What do public health campaigns aim to promote?

Behaviour change in the whole population, not just those who seek help


What do government intervention/media campaigns use?

The media to reach whole populations with a message that may reduce their smoking


Why are government intervention/media campaigns effective?

Contain a variety of messages (supporting and threatening)

Engage the emotions of the target audience

Motivate smokers by letting them know that help is available


What are legislations? name an example

Extreme way of intervening
In 2007 - the government introduced the smoking ban which has gradually made smoking become less acceptable


What are workplace interventions?

Either a company adopting a no-smoking policy and/or establishing a work-based health promotion program


What are the benefits of workplace interventions?

Can reach individuals who don't attend a hospital or clinic

Group motivation/social support

Elimination of secondary/passive smoking which is a known risk factor for CHD and lung cancer


How can government Interventions/Media Campaigns be applied to real life?

National smoking day
This campaign achieves constantly high levels of public awareness and participation and so has the potential to be extremely effective

1.2 million stopped in this day in 2008

20% who were aware of the campaign made an attempt to quit


What did West find to support Legislations?

Found there was a decline in the percentage of people i the UK who smoked prior to the smoking ban

However, this was followed by a rebound effect