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What does the cognitive explanation assume?

Schizophrenia is the result of a faulty attention system


What do therapists who use CBT assume?

The patients have irrational thoughts and beliefs


Describe coping strategy enhancement (CBT)

Therapists try to establish the content of the delusions and hallucinations
They tell the patients they are not mad
Patient applies strategy to real life


Describe belief modification (CBT)

Challenges false beliefs and puts them to a reality test


What does the behavioural explanation assume?

Schizophrenia is learnt through conditioning


Describe token economy

Based on operant conditioning
Aims to change unwanted behaviour and replace it with desirable behaviour
Involves giving patients tokens for behaving in appropriate ways
Can be exchanged for privalages


what does the family/socio-cultural explanation assume?

Certain aspects of family life can cause schizoprehnia
e.g. contradictory messages from family members


What does the treatment family interventions involve?

Family members and the schizophrenic
An educational element where family members are give information and the disorder and ways of managing it (improving communication styles, lowering expressed emotion etc.)
Training to recognise early signs of relapse so they can respond rapidly and reduce its severity


What is the arguments for token economy not being effective?

Only works when behaviour is rewarded in the institution - difficult to transfer


What are the arguments for family interventions not being appropriate?

Only appropriate for patients who do still with or are in close contact with their family and needs to be used in conjunction with drug therapy